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CSC recognised with Smooth Ride Award

2023 Super Review Annual Super Fund of the Year Awards

14 Nov 2023

CSC’s strategy of prioritising resilience within its investment portfolios has been independently recognised at the 2023 Super Review Annual Super Fund of the Year Awards, as the recipient of the Smooth Ride Award.

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Presented to the fund that has best weathered the ups and downs of the market while delivering strong outcomes, the Smooth Ride Award was selected by a judging panel of academics, business executives, entrepreneurs and innovators.


In his acceptance of the award, CSC Chief Customer Officer Adam Nettheim paid tribute to the skill of the organisation’s Investment Team.

“To me, this award recognises the countless hours spent researching, strategising, analysing, collaborating, and making carefully calculated decisions to protect and grow investments in the face of adversity,” he said.

“In times of uncertainty, we all know it’s easy for our customers to panic. Our commitment to maintaining a steady hand in the storm has yielded remarkable results.

“Like life, markets are cyclical. And while they may test our patience, they also reward those who remain committed to their strategies. It’s a reminder that when we believe in the power of perseverance and strategic thinking, we can weather any storm and come out stronger on the other side.”

Speaking at CSC’s 2023 Annual Member Meeting, Chief Investment Officer Alison Tarditi explained some of her investment team’s strategies for reducing retirement uncertainty.

“We cannot predict the future, but your portfolios do need to be prepared for it,” she said.

“Portfolios structured with balance and diversification in the way they source growth can limit the impact from unexpected adverse events. This means that your savings are less dependent on any one particular prediction of the future.

“I won’t pretend that negative returns can be completely avoided, they will still be experienced under some scenarios, like a recession, because building wealth requires you to take calculated financial risks.

“But resilience does mean that your overall portfolio retains its capacity to recover and grow to meet your long-term objectives. Superratings, measure this resilience by comparing the returns that super funds generate for an equivalent risk of capital loss. CSC consistently ranks above most, and in some cases, all super funds on this basis”.

Learn more about CSC’s award-winning investment strategy and performance.

For example, in the 10 year period to 30 September 2023,

  • PSSap Aggressive option ranked #1 out of 36 funds in the SuperRatings SR50 Growth Index universe;
  • PSSap MySuper Balanced option ranked #12 out of 39 funds in the SuperRatings SR50 Balanced Index universe; and
  • PSSap Income-Focused option ranked #1 out of 34 funds in the SuperRatings SR50 Capital Stable Index universe.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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