Sick or injured PSSap customers

PSSap customers may have access to lifePLUS cover insurance, including income protection and total and permanent disability benefits, and could claim their super if they are permanently incapacitated.

LifePLUS cover

If your employee is a PSSap customer, they may have access to lifePLUS cover insurance—which may include income protection and total and permanent disability (TPD) benefits. Because PSSap customers initiate their own insurance claims, you may not be aware that an employee has submitted a claim. 


For privacy reasons, we must generally have authority from our customer to discuss their insurance matters with you. Please ask your employee to sign our Third Party Authority form.

Encourage members to talk to us early

It’s important that a sick or injured PSSap customer contacts us as early as possible about claiming on their insurance, even if they have an existing employment process or a compensation claim underway. We will help our customer to understand what insurance options are available to them, and guide them through the process of how and when to make a claim. Learn more about lifePLUS cover

Invalidity retirement

Your employee may be eligible for super benefits from PSSap if they’re permanently incapacitated and retire on medical grounds. Either you or your employee may apply for an Invalidity Retirement Certificate (IRC) if your employee is under age 60 and is to be medically retired because they are unlikely to be engaged in gainful employment for which they are qualified for because of ill health. If we issue an IRC, this will provide confirmation that your employee meets the definition of being permanently incapacitated and is able to access their super benefits.

If your employee has lifePLUS cover, the IRC may not be issued until any outstanding insurance claim has been finalised. This is because the insurer may be working with the employee directly on rehabilitation or return-to-work opportunities, or seeking additional medical evidence that may help us make the right decision regarding your employee’s capacity to work.

If you need an IRC for an employee who is a PSSap customer, you’ll need to submit an application to us along with supporting evidence. You can find helpful information below.

We’re unable to issue an IRC to any employees over age 60. Instead, they can claim their super once they’ve ceased employment. Their benefit will be tax free regardless of how their employment ceases. Your employee simply needs to complete the Withdrawing your super form and send it to for processing. 


Assisting terminally ill PSSap members

Assisting terminally ill PSSap members

IRC quick guide for PSSap members

A quick guide to invalidity retirement for PSSap members

IRC-APP Applications for issue of invalidity retirement certificate

Application for issue of invalidity retirement certificate You can use this form to apply for an invalidity retirement certificate for employees who are CSS, PSS or PSSap customers. The employee’s case manager and a payroll officer will need to complete and sign the form.

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