Part-time and casual work

Considering part-time or casual work? Find out what it means for your super.

Whether for parenting, caring, study, lifestyle or other reasons, many members choose to work part-time.

Here’s how part-time work impacts on your defined benefit.

Fund rules differ

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If you move to Service Category (SERCAT) 6—permanent forces with a flexible service determination—your DFRDB benefit will not be affected.

Contributions will continue to be payable based on your full-time salary and super salary will continue to be reported as the full-time salary.

Further resources

Changing from permanent full-time to permanent part-time

This factsheet is for any member who is considering moving to part-time employment.

Casual or temporary part-time?

Casual and temporary part-time employees are not permitted to contribute to CSS. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to join PSS or open a personal accumulation account with PSSap.

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