Consolidate and transfer your super

Finding and combining your super accounts can mean less paperwork and reduced fees, which may make a difference to your total super balance when you retire.

Do you have more than one super fund?

More than $11 billion sits with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in unclaimed super. If you have more than one super fund, there’s a chance some could be yours.

Finding your lost super is easy

You can manage your super through myGov by registering for the ATO's online service. This will allow you to:

  • see details of all your super accounts, including lost or unclaimed amounts held by the ATO
  • consolidate your super into a single fund

Please see the ATO website for more information.

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Combine your super accounts

The more accounts you have, the more you may pay in fees. You might also be paying for insurance you don’t need, or can’t claim on. Over time, this can put a massive dent in your super savings. Consolidating your money into one account could save you thousands of dollars.

What to consider first

While transferring your super may reduce ongoing fees, paperwork, and the need to keep track of different fund, but there are some things you should check before you make any decisions.

  1. What fees you’re paying. Some funds charge a fixed monthly admin fee, while others charge a percentage of your super balance.
  2. Whether you have any insurance – such as life or income protection insurance. Will you have enough cover for your needs?
  3. The investment options available, and performance of your funds.
  4. Any exit fees you may have to pay.

If you need help to decide the best option for your personal goals and finances, think about seeking financial advice.

How to transfer super from another fund

To transfer money into your account with us, you’ll need to be a contributing customer. Find your scheme below with information about how to transfer super into your account.

Fund rules differ

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More information

Transfers into CSS (CSF02)

Look at the benefits, costs and process of rolling super into your CSS account.

Transfers into PSS (PSF43)

This is for PSS members who want to consolidate their super, or learn more about how transfers into PSS are treated.

Application to pay in a transfer amount (MAC02)

Use this form if you are a current contributing member of Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) or MilitarySuper and you wish to transfer money from another superannuation fund to MilitarySuper.