Receiving a pension

Many Australians receive a pension from CSC. Here you’ll find links to everything you need to know about your payment.

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Manage your pension online

Our new digital portal is now live. It’s a streamlined experience, improving the way you engage with your CSC super account/s online—anytime, anywhere.

The new portal replaces Pensioner Services Online (PSO) and all members who wish to access their super account/s online will need to register for a new account.

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Updating your details

If you change your phone number, bank account, postal or email address, you can update your details easily through CSC Navigator.

It’s very important to let us know if your bank account details change. Please don’t close your existing account before you update your details with us.

You can also update your preferences to receive communications from us via email.

Tax and your pension

In July each year, we’ll send you a copy of your payment summary, which you’ll need for your annual tax return. We also report this information directly to the ATO, so it will be available to pre-fill when completing your tax return.

You can choose to change the amount of tax deducted from your pension at any time. If you’d like to update your tax-free threshold, you’ll need to complete a Tax File Number declaration form, which you can find on the ATO website. You can also nominate an additional whole dollar amount by writing to us.

NOTE: We have to apply tax according to the ATO fortnightly tax tables and offset provisions—unless these indicate you don’t have to pay tax, we can’t reduce your tax to zero.

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Transfer Balance Cap

An overview of how the Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) applies to CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper and PSS pensioners.

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Pension paydays

Keep track of your pension days.

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CPI rates and your pension

Learn how the Consumer Price Index increase affects your pension.

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Freedom in retirement

3rd Act Community

Our 3rd Act Community gives you guidance to make the most of a new beginning in retirement.

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