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We are recognised as global leaders, including in best-practice governance and innovation.



Awarded best medium super fund in Australasia for second consecutive year

CSC was named the best small/medium pension fund (AUM under US$50 billion) at AsianInvestor’s 2022 Institutional Excellence Awards for the second consecutive year. In conjunction with ‘open weight’ proficiency awards in four key underlying investment capabilities, this award recognises CSC as a global best practice ‘all-rounder’ investor.

First and most importantly, we were recognised as the best Pension fund small/medium across Asia Pacific by an external panel of independent consultants, institutional investors and fund managers.

These awards were judged not only on investment returns, but also robustness and depth of investment approach, excellence across all aspects of portfolio management and innovative operational improvements that focus on the team’s capacity to sustain long-term outcomes for customers.


Excellence and global best practice

  • Investment performance is evaluated not only on investment returns, but also robustness and depth of investment approach—risk-adjusted returns, consistency, and long-term performance relative to peers or benchmarks.

  • Innovation and adaptability assesses the fund's ability to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. This includes investment strategies, asset allocation, use of technology, and the implementation of innovative operational improvements.

  • Risk Management practices are evaluated, including the ability to identify, measure, monitor, and mitigate risks. This involves assessing the fund's risk management policies, risk culture, and risk-adjusted returns.

  • Governance and structure factors such as the Board's composition, independence, expertise, risk management practices, and decision-making processes are also considered.

  • Communication and transparency with stakeholders is assessed, including clarity of reporting, disclosure of information, and engagement with scheme members, regulators, and other relevant parties.

  • ESG Integration is also a consideration for the award—how well the fund integrates ESG principles into its investment strategy and decision-making process and the team’s capacity to sustain long-term outcomes for customers.

Our commitment to our members sets us apart, as we continuously strive to deliver outcomes that directly benefit your financial wellbeing.


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SR50 Capital Stable Index award

PSSap won SR50 'Best Capital Stable Return' award from independent superannuation ratings and research company, SuperRatings.








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18th year as Platinum Value for Money fund

PSSap retained the highest Platinum rating from independent superannuation ratings and research company, SuperRatings, for the 18th year for year to 30 June 2022.

This rating means SuperRatings considers that PSSap’s offering is among the best value for money. We were also finalist in SuperRatings smooth ride award, reflecting consistently strong risk-adjusted returns across both strong and weak markets.


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