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Target asset allocation ranges

The Income Focused, MySuper Balanced, Aggressive and Balanced (Ancillary) investment options have a specific target asset allocation to each asset class which are monitored for market movements within the following target asset allocation ranges.

Investment Income focused MySuper Balanced Aggressive Balanced (Ancillary)
Cash 10-100% 0-65%  0-35% 0-65%
Fixed Interest 10-100% 0-65% 0-35% 0-65%
Equities 0-40% 15-75% 20-95%  15-75%
Property 0-35% 5-25% 0-50% 5-25%
Infrastructure 0-35% 0-20% 0-50% 0-20%
Alternatives 0-70% 0-30% 0-70%  0-30%
Foreign currency hedge ratio 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%  0-100%
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Member outcomes assessment summary

We’ve spent decades growing the super of Australian Government employees and members of the Australian Defence Force. We use that experience to pursue a better retirement for our customers.

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Investment disclosure

The assets of PSSap are pooled together with the assets of other schemes administered by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. For information about PSSap specific investments, see the PSSap investment disclosure section on our website. For a list of our investment managers, see the investment managers section on the CSC website.

Explanation of terms

Net return

Net returns (target or actual) show returns (expected or actual) after investment, advice fees, costs and taxes.

Moving average return

Refer to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Reporting Standard SRS 700.0 (available on the APRA website) for the moving average return methodology.

Statement of fees and other costs

This shows the annual amount a representative member pays in fees and costs. A representative member is a member who is fully invested in the option, who does not incur any activity fees during a year and who has an account balance of $50,000 throughout that year. Investment gains/losses on the $50,000 are ignored. This amount does not take into account any insurance costs, transactional account fees (eg investment switch fees) or the PSSap operational risk reserve. For a full list of fees please see the PSSap Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

1The statement of fees and other costs estimates annual fees and costs for a representative member for the current financial based on information available to CSC about fees and costs at the time of preparation of the statement.  The statement of fees and other costs may be updated by CSC as more up to date information affecting the estimate becomes available.

Target asset allocation

This shows the weighting to each asset class for the investment option. This is a target as outlined in our investment strategy and may not reflect the actual asset allocation for the option.

Investment options and risk booklet

Read the Investment options and risk booklet, which forms part of the PSSap Product Disclosure Statement, for detailed investment information about your investment options.

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