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Our investment managers

We build strategic partnerships with external investment managers who are aligned to our members' interests.

It is a legislative requirement for us to employ external investment-grade managers to manage your savings, rather than manage them in-house.

Our external managers invest according to individual mandates we set that address our specific portfolio requirements. These mandates provide direction to the type of investments to be held, the maximum and minimum holdings for each investment type, target rates of return, and risk limits—requiring them to build what our members need in a tailored way.

Manager selection

  • We select investment managers for their specific expertise.
  • When selecting external managers, we consider the economics of the managers’ business—their assets under management (AUM) capacity, fees, whether they are a price-setter, as well as their culture and incentivisation structures.
  • We maintain a smaller number of strategic relationships with external specialists to leverage and engage their expertise at a deeper level, rather than monitor/receive information from large ‘commodity’ providers.
  • We aim to align external agencies with our members’ interests, and we build partnerships with external managers to be outcome owners.  

Your specialist investment teams around the world

Local knowledge and expertise in the regions in which our investments operate is critical to selecting and managing those investments.

We are able to match the right people, with specialist skills, to oversee management of the different risks that are part of every investment we make for you.

We have developed a comprehensive and objective qualitative and quantitative scoring system to assess managers.

This includes:

  • complementary managers who can improve the net outcomes;
  • replacement managers who are superior to existing managers and should replace them; and
  • bench managers who are equal in quality to existing managers.

When partnering with skilled external investment managers and operators we look for:

An ability to look ahead

  • Unique insights: about the key moving parts of their markets
  • Effective implementation: an ability to convert those insights and ideas into real wealth
  • Integrated risk management: an awareness and genuine capacity to pro–actively manage and reduce the risks involved in selecting and managing assets over the long-term.
  • Capable team culture: having the right skills; a keen self–awareness of strengths and weaknesses; diversity of thinking for robust challenge of ideas; and the appropriate incentives to align investment team success with your objectives.

Insights that are sustainable over time

  • Clear communication of how value can be created for you and why this can be repeated over the long-term.
  • A process for continual improvement in the way they invest.

Alignment between their success and yours

  • Fees and remuneration structures that reward investment performance, defined in terms of increased returns to you and reduced risk borne by you.
  • Portfolios that are managed within the constraints and guidelines we establish.
  • Robust legal, compliance and operational systems that mean you are not exposed to unnecessary business risks.

We apply these criteria to both potential new external investment partners as well as those we currently use. If managers cannot meet these fundamental requirements, CSC will not partner with them.

Our investment managers

The assets of CSC’s schemes are invested through the ARIA Investments Trust (AIT), a pooled superannuation trust for which CSC is the trustee. CSC manages these assets through the appointment of a range of specialist investment managers across different asset classes, including investments through wholly owned entities and externally-managed investment vehicles.

These investment managers are listed below.

Investments that represent less than 0.5% of CSC’s funds under management as at 30 June 2023 are not included.

Asset Class Manager
Domestic Equities
  Eley Griffiths Group Pty Limited
  First Sentier Investors
  Paradice Investment Management Pty Limited
  State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited
  Yarra Capital Management
International Equities
  Alliance Bernstein LP
  Antipodes Partners Limited
  Jennison Associates LLC
  Osmosis Investment Management UK Limited
  Platinum Investment Management Limited
  State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited
  Sunley House Capital Fund Ltd
  OX Capital
Private Capital 1
  Capital Today
  CVC Capital Partners
  Harbourvest Partners
  Menlo Ventures
  One Equity Partners L.P.
  Sequoia Capital
1 The private capital managers included here are a representative selection from a broader group of managers/funds at various stages in the lifecycle of their investment horizon
Corporate Bonds (incl. Emerging Market Sovereign Bonds)
  PGIM, Inc.
  Wellington Management Australia Pty Ltd
  T. Rowe Price International Ltd
  State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited
Real Assets - Property
  Arcadia Funds Management Limited
  AXA Investment Managers
Real Assets - Infrastructure (incl. Illiquid Credit)
  HRL Morrison & Co (Australia) Pty Limited
  Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners
  Intermediate Capital Group
Absolute Return
  Bridgewater Associates, Inc
  Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited
Sovereign Bonds
  Wellington Management Australia Pty Ltd
  State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited
  Macquarie Investment Management Global Limited
Foreign Currency
  State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited
Execution Managers - e.g. Derivative Overlays
  Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited
  Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited
  Challenger Investment Solutions Management Limited