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Here are the stories, information and guidance you need to enter your 3rd act.

Create your best retirement

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Create your best retirement.

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Retirement is as individual as you are. There is no absolutely ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to spend your retirement. Retirement is what you make of it.

Anne's story

Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

Making the decision to retire 10 years ago was difficult. Over the previous two-year period I found I needed very sound financial advice, which I did receive. I wanted to retire so I could get much more involved in volunteer work, particularly with children.

Alastair's story

At the age of 50, with 5 years until retirement, I started viola lessons, aiming to be at a suitable standard to play in the orchestra by my retirement date. Two weeks before my 55th birthday, my teacher indicated that I was ready for the orchestra. Since then, five and a half years ago, I have performed in 32 concerts, 2 of which were in China “on tour”.

Denise's story

Get a life...NOW! Then, like me, you won't really notice that you've apparently retired.

Gail's story

Retirement is an excellent institution and I can highly recommend it but it does need to be properly planned and managed to maximise its personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

Richard's story

Public Sector Superannuation Scheme

Tell us your retirement story

Everyone’s retirement story is different. We all have unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives when it comes to retirement planning. By sharing your story, you can have a positive impact on some else’s journey and help them approach retirement from a new angle. Writing your own story is also a great way to learn about yourself too.
We're always on the look out for unique and inspirational retirement stories to share with our community. Share your story with us and we might feature it on our website or in our newsletter! Below are some starter questions to help you get the pen moving (or the keys tapping).

We'd love to hear your retirement story and the reflections, experiences and adventures you've been a part of since entering your 3rd Act.

Here are some examples of what we'd love to know:

  • The best thing about retirement
  • A life lesson that you have learned
  • An obstacle that you have encountered and how you overcame it
  • A new job or activity that you have started
  • Your top tips for a happy retirement
  • What you are doing to maintain a healthy mind and body

Send your story to with the subject line 'My Retirement Story' and we might publish it on our site or newsletter.

Your retirement story might just be the inspiration or guidance a fellow member might need.

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