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We’ve made our retirement tools and resources simple, so you can plan with confidence.

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From planning to retiring—and everything in between

We know our customers are unique and we see that retirement planning can be a lot to navigate.

At CSC we’ve removed the complexity but not the intent. Our products and resources are carefully designed on the strength of customer research and data modelling.

Whether you’re retired, about to retire or just starting out, we deliver a gateway to better retirement understanding and planning.

Get started, get informed or get in touch. We’re here to support you.

Explore our Retirement guides and workbook

Our Retirement guides and workbook consider your retirement planning concerns and challenges. We work with investment and financial experts to make retirement knowledge accessible. Get the information you need—according to your age and life stage—to make better retirement decisions.

To get started, read Your guide to super to review the life stage you identify with. Then think through the key tasks and actions.

CSCri and CSC Retirement Profiles are not currently available to ADF customers. CSC is working with relevant Australian Government departments to enable CSC to offer an account-based pension product such as CSCri to our ADF customers where possible. For more information read our CSC retirement income strategy.

Your guide to super

For CSCri and PSSap customers who want to know more about super

Your super is likely to be your second-largest asset after your home. Knowing the super rules and opportunities can make a difference to the decisions you make.

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Preparing for retirement

For PSSap customers who are 10 or more years from retiring

Track your super, set retirement goals and establish a timeline.

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Moving to retirement

For PSSap customers who are retiring soon

Plan how to use your super to fund your retirement, including choosing a CSC retirement income solution.

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Moving to retirement workbook

For PSSap customers who are retiring soon

This is the companion workbook to Moving to retirement.

View the workbook

Living in retirement

For CSCri and PSSap customers who are retired

Check your budget, explore your living options and manage change in the three phases of retirement.

If you’re retired but want to review your retirement income strategy, read Moving to retirement.

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CSC retirement solutions

No matter where you are on your retirement journey, find a retirement income solution that works for you.

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Financial planning

Get step-by-step advice designed to grow you a secure and stable future.

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Make better retirement decisions

Plan your retirement

Be proactive and be prepared. Smart retirement planning can keep your financial needs covered as your circumstances evolve.

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