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Salary and contributions

Learn how to determine and report salaries, and calculate and pay contributions for your employees who are in a CSC super fund.


Super salary determines the amount of super contributions that you pay for your employees who are members of one of our schemes. It’s crucial you understand the rules that apply to super salaries, including how to manage a salary reduction and what happens when an employee has a shift allowance applied.

Super salary isn’t the only thing you need to report to us:
  • You need to report insurance salaries for some PSSap members – find out who those members are and what you need to do

    PSSap insurance salaries

  • If your employee has Additional Death and Invalidity Cover (ADIC), you need to facilitate payment of ADIC premiums through your fortnightly pay file. Learn more about how employees apply for ADIC, how the premiums and benefits are calculated and who’s responsible for what.


Contributing to a CSC super fund

Providing data

You need to send us super and contribution data each fortnight for our members. Learn more about our data requirements and the process here.

Learn more about Providing data

Non-Government employers contributing to CSC

Find out when you can contribute to a CSC super fund if your employee is in employment outside eligible Commonwealth or ACT Government.

Learn more about Non-Government employers contributing to CSC

Employer resources

We give you the resources to manage super and support your employees.

Read more about Employer resources

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Super salary and maintenance

Correctly determine and report salaries for your employees who are contributing members of CSS, PSS and PSSap, including when an employee has a salary reduction or backdated pay increase.

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Making payments

Pay contributions through a clearing house, or our employer services online portal.

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