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Accumulation account

Access more flexible contribution and investment options with PSS accumulation plan (PSSap).

A note on eligibility

You may not be eligible for this product based on your selected scheme. A personal accumulation account through PSSap is available to eligible CSS and PSS members. You may be interested in a MilitarySuper Ancillary account.

What does a personal accumulation account offer? 

  • Make superannuation guarantee contributions from a non-APS employer
  • Make salary sacrifice contributions
  • Rollover or transfer super from other funds
  • Make personal and other eligible contributions
  • Access lifePLUS cover
  • Choose your beneficiary

What does it cost?

We're non-profit and only charge the fees necessary to operate the fund. This means significant net benefit for your savings, and more in your account for retirement.

Fees and costs

What are the risks of investing in an accumulation super fund like PSSap?

Super, like any investment, has risks. You should feel comfortable with the potential risks and fluctuations associated with the investment option(s) you choose, and confident your decisions will support your personal objectives, financial situation and needs—from now through to retirement. For more information about risks, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement for PSSap.


To join PSSap as an Ancillary member, you must have been employed by an eligible employer for a minimum of 12 continuous months, and:

  • be a Contributing or Preserved PSS or CSS member; or

  • had been a Contributing PSS or CSS member at any time on or after 7 March 2021.

Strong investment performance

PSSap has received the highest SuperRatings Platinum Performance award for strong investment performance for 16 years straight.

Awards and innovation

Better retirement security

Our default balanced option is designed to maximise the likelihood that you'll achieve a comfortable retirement income standard – as recommended by our industry association.

Investment dashboard

Flexible insurance

lifePLUS cover includes Income Protection, Death and Total Permanent Disability insurance. Want more or less cover? You can change your insurance to better meet your needs.

lifePLUS cover

With you for life

PSSap can be your super fund wherever your career takes you, even if you leave the APS. New job, same great super fund.

Changing jobs

We’re your guide

Access free education to help you make the most of your super through webinars, videos and seminars, as well as financial planning to help guide you through your questions.

Advice and resources

Here for you

Our goal is to deliver better retirement outcomes. As one of Australia’s first super funds, we’ve partnered with millions of Australians to grow their savings for retirement.


Investment Options

You can choose to invest in a single option or split your investment strategy across multiple options. The risk profile for each option can be found below. As a PSSap member, you will have access to four investment options:


Our Cash Option reduces risk by investing all your funds in cash assets.

Income focused

This option may be suitable for those who prefer less risk. The minimum suggested timeframe for holding this option is five years.


This option may be suitable for those prepared to take more risk in exchange for potentially higher returns on their investment over the medium-to-long term. The minimum suggested timeframe for holding this option is 10 years.


This option may be suitable for those prepared to take more risk in exchange for potentially higher returns on their investment in the long-term. The minimum suggested timeframe for holding this option is 15 years.


When you open an accumulation account, you have the option to apply for Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection through PSSap lifePLUS insurance. PSSap lifePLUS offers cover that is not available in your defined benefit.

Open your personal accumulation account

If you’ve decided an accumulation account is right for you, you can apply online.

Get started with PSSap

Find out more

We’re here to help, if you have any questions about PSSap email us at or call us on 1300 725 171.

If you have questions about your defined benefit account, you can contact us.