Death and Invalidity Benefits

As a Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) member, you receive Death and Invalidity benefits automatically. You can also apply for insurance cover.

These are the benefits and cover available to you:

  • Death and Invalidity benefits—you receive these benefits automatically at no cost to you.
  • Income Protection, and Death and TPD insurance—if you open an accumulation plan account, you can apply for Income Protection and Death and TPD insurance through lifePLUS choice.

You should consider the PSS accumulation plan PDS and Target Market Determination before making a decision about becoming a PSSap Ancillary member.


Death and Invalidity—an extra super benefit to you

If you’re a contributing CSS customer, you receive Partial Invalidity, Invalidity retirement and Death benefits at no cost to you. These are super benefits, so you’re automatically covered when you become a CSS customer.

More information about Death and Invalidity benefits, including how we calculate benefits, when they’re payable and how to make a claim is in the Death and Invalidity benefits booklet. This document forms part of the CSS Product Disclosure statement.

Cover you can choose

Broaden your cover with lifePLUS choice

CSS members can apply for lifePLUS choice Income Protection Cover, and Death and TPD cover (which includes Terminal Illness cover) at rates that are generally not available outside of super.

lifePLUS choice—Cover that works with CSS Death and Invalidity benefits

Benefits paid through lifePLUS choice cover are on top of amounts you’d receive through a CSS Death and Invalidity claim.

Who can apply and how?

You’ll need to be:

To open an accumulation plan account, you must have been employed by an eligible employer for at least 12 continuous months and be a:

  • current contributing or preserved CSS customer; or
  • former CSS member who was contributing at any time on or after 7 March 2021.

When you open an accumulation account, your new account works alongside your CSS account and allows you to apply for lifePLUS choice. For more information:

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