Our goal is your comfortable retirement. Everything we do, from how we invest to who we invest in, is done with your future in mind

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment purpose is to provide sustainable retirement outcomes to Australian public service and defence customers, and your families.

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Your investment options

Here’s everything you need to know about your super scheme in one place, from how it’s designed and the objectives we’re trying to achieve to how it’s performing over time.

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Investment News

We're proud to invest where we can influence how the business is managed. Find out how we use Active Ownership to invest in opportunities that we think will generate sustainable income for members.


Investment quality and sustainability

We focus on achieving sustainable financial outcomes for customers by investing in high quality businesses, and considering long-term risks holistically.

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Climate risk

Climate change represents a significant opportunity and risk for CSC—as it does for all investors.

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The term Risk-Adjusted Returns could be crucial to your future. Learn how risk-adjusted returns attempts to mitigate risk to ensure when you arrive, you can retire comfortably.


Our investment experience

With our investment team’s wealth of experience, specialist expertise and networks, you know your retirement’s in safe hands.

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Our investment managers

The assets of CSC's schemes are invested through the ARIA Investments Trust (AIT), a pooled superannuation trust for which CSC is the trustee. CSC manages these assets through the appointment of a range of specialist investment managers across different asset classes, including investments through wholly owned entities and externally-managed investment vehicles. These investment managers are listed below.

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Manager selection

It is a legislative requirement for CSC to employ external investment grade managers to manage our funds.

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Our risk management and governance

We were the first Australian superannuation fund to implement a detailed bottom up security level risk system in 2009 that is a fully integrated but flexible whole of portfolio approach.

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