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Our primary goal is to build, support and deliver better retirement outcomes for you and your family.

We’re privileged to be a niche provider with a well-defined member base. This enables us to try to really understand your needs1, rather than just deliver services for the ‘average Australian’.
Our investments have been carefully designed with an aim to provide reliable income for your retirement.
1Based on data from employers

How we invest

Our investment purpose is to provide comfortable retirement outcomes for you and your family.

Securing your retirement

Investment options

Take the time to really understand your investment options.

Investment options

Awards and innovation

We are recognised as global leaders, including in best-practice governance and innovation.

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About us

As one of Australia’s first superannuation funds, our purpose is to build, support and protect better retirement outcomes for all our members. We manage 11 government super funds, with over 680,000 Australians trusting us to look after $56.7 billion of their retirement savings.

Why CSC?

How super works

Superannuation is a tax-effective way to save for retirement. At CSC, we work to invest your super savings in a way that works for you.

How super works