Understanding your rate of return

Your personal returns may be different to the investment return for the option you are invested in. We explain why.

17 Aug 2023

Individual rate of return

Your individual rate of return is determined by the performance of the investment option you are invested in as well as the size and timing of transactions on your account. So your rate of return is dependent on:

  • Account balance at start of period
  • Account balance at end of period
  • Fees and insurance premiums
  • The size and timing of cash flow including employer contributions, rollovers in/out, withdrawals and investment switches

Even if you are invested in more than one option, you will only receive one personal rate of return

Investment option rate of return

The rate of return for each investment option is based on the change in unit price from the start of the period to the end of the period. So whilst unit prices do fluctuate daily, the investment option return only considers the starting unit price and the end unit price for the chosen period. The investment option return does not take your individual transactions into account rather it assumes the same amount of money is invested for the entire period.

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