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Profile 6 (couple, renters)

About us

We want to invest our super savings in a way that maximises our retirement income. We can tolerate fluctuations from high-risk investments that aim to grow our account balance. We also want flexible access for top ups and emergencies. We’re likely eligible for a part Age Pension.

About your profile

With this profile, you’ll get a CSCri account-based pension and a Challenger lifetime annuity.

Your CSCri account:

  • invests your super in our high risk, high return option, CSCri Aggressive, that prioritises income maximisation over the long term.

  • pays a larger percentage of your balance as an income stream up to age 67, recognising that this may be your primary income before you can apply for Age Pension—this also increases the amount of Age Pension you may be eligible for.

  • pays a reduced percentage of your account balance as an income stream when you receive Age Pension to make your balance last as long as possible.

The Challenger lifetime annuity is called Liquid Lifetime—Flexible Income (Immediate payments). It:

  • provides a set income for life, no matter how long you live or what the markets are doing.

  • may allow you to get a higher Age Pension—annuity purchases attract a discount when they’re assessed against the Age Pension asset test.

Your investment strategy

Account name Investment
CSCri Standard income stream Invests in CSCri Aggressive, which has a targeted return of CPI + 4% per year after fees and tax, over a 10-year period.
Challenger lifetime annuity Uses 20% of retirement balance to purchase annuity

Your income drawdown strategy

Your income drawdown is the specific percentage of your retirement account balance that you’ll receive each year as an income stream. The income drawdown strategy changes over the years in line with the strategy for the profile. To work out what your yearly income will be based on the drawdown strategy:

Your monthly annuity payments

Before you take up this profile, you’ll work with a financial adviser who will assist you with the purchase of the Challenger lifetime annuity. Your payments are indexed annually so they keep pace with increases in the CPI.

You can estimate your monthly annuity payments using the PSSap Retirement Modeller.

How you’ll receive your retirement income

When you set up a CSCri account, you can choose how often you’d like to receive income stream payments. Choose from fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. You can change the frequency and make lump sum withdrawals from your CSCri account at any time.

You will receive your Challenger lifetime annuity payments monthly.

Forecast your numbers or apply for a profile

Try it out. Enter your numbers to forecast how well Profile 6 may suit you, then follow the steps to apply.

Model Profile 6 Apply for Profile 6

How to model your profile

Our PSSap Retirement Modeller video explains how to enter your personal, work and financial information, select the profile number you want to model and view the results.

CSCri and CSC Retirement Profiles are not currently available to ADF customers. CSC is working with relevant Australian Government departments to enable CSC to offer an account-based pension product such as CSCri to our ADF customers where possible. For more information read our CSC retirement income strategy.


Our super at retirement is from $700K–$1.1m

Our retirement savings goals

When it comes to super in retirement, we rank our goals in this order:

  1. Income maximisation
  2. Income stability
  3. Flexible access

Key takeaways

  • You’ll invest 20% of your super in a Challenger lifetime annuity to manage the risk of running out of retirement income. It provides regular monthly payments for life.
  • We’ll invest the remaining balance in CSCri Aggressive (high risk, high return) to maximise income over time.

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