Your Financial Planning Options

Just as everyone has different goals and needs a tailored financial plan, we also want to deliver advice when, where and how our members need it.

At CSC, we pride ourselves on knowing our members better than anyone else. We know that experience counts and we want to make sure our decades of experience is also put to use in giving you financial advice that counts.

Our authorised* financial planners are dedicated to listening and really understanding what you want to achieve, not just out of super or retirement, but out of life as a whole. They’re there to show you where to go, and stay on your side every step of the way.

We also know that everyone likes to receive knowledge and advice differently. You can access advice services in a range of ways, when and how you want it.

* Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies

When you are given comprehensive advice, it simply means our experienced financial planners give you a complete financial plan to suit your needs. They listen to what keeps you going, help you set your sights on realistic yet fulfilling goals and ambitions and then create either one strategy or a series of scenarios to help you get there. It all starts with one initial appointment and from there, your financial planner can see how far you want to go.

Advice can cover any of the following topics:

  1. Superannuation & tax
    Strategies to maximise your super and increase the amount available to you when you retire, as well as how best to navigate the world of taxation
  2. Retirement
    How best to diversify your income so you have what you need when you retire, including 54/11 and age retirement
  3. Investment
    How you can use investments outside super to increase your wealth 
  4. Insurance
    How best to provide for yourself and your family should the unexpected happen, whether it’s life insurance or income protection insurance
  5. Other
    Issues like debt and redundancy

At CSC, we believe all our members deserve the guidance they need to secure a safe and comfortable retirement as well as have the peace of mind that they and their families are in safe hands. Our financial planners aim to provide good value advice.

An initial appointment will cost $185 and a full plan costs $3,300 on average. Depending on complexity, a personal financial plan can cost up to $6,600. These figures are inclusive of GST. 

Appointment Cancellation Policy

We know that your time is valuable and we appreciate that you understand ours is too.

The financial planning service is subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy for appointments with our authorised financial planners. Any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment with a financial planner that occurs 48 hours or more before the scheduled appointment time is at no additional cost to you.

However, a cancellation fee may be charged* for:

  • any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment with a financial planner that is made within 48 hours of the appointment; or
  • any failure to attend an appointment with a Financial Planner without contacting your financial planner to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

* The cancellation fee will be equal to the GST inclusive amount of the appointment fee for the cancelled appointment as detailed in the Financial Services Guide (contact for a copy).

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call 1300 277 777.


We know that in life, rarely do things stay the same. More so when it comes to finances, where unexpected life events can come about, ambitions change, and the economy itself can take different turns, for better and worse.

No matter how things change, our commitment to help you through it all stays the same. The annual advice review service allows you to access financial planning advice either annually or bi-annually to regularly update your financial plan and ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals. Through this service our authorised financial planners can:

  • Advise you on how significant life changes, like starting a family or buying a home, can affect your financial plans for the future, and how best to adjust your financial plan
  • Keep you up to date with changes to legislation and how this might affect you
  • Help to ensure that you’re on track to reach your financial goals through regular monitoring of your circumstances
  • Monitor your cash-flow to make sure you have enough when you need it

Your authorised financial planner can discuss your ongoing advice options with you.  Annual advice reviews starts at $2,200 per annum (incl. GST).

Our members have diverse lives and it goes without saying that we find them in very different places. We have offices in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, however if you don't live in one of these locations you can still access financial planning advice from our authorised Financial Planners. We have a virtual advice offering to provide the same services, either by telephone or via video conferencing, so you can still receive financial planning advice from wherever is most convenient for you. Simply call 1300 277 777 to book an appointment.

We understand that depending on your situation and stage of life, sometimes you only need advice on a few simple areas. If you're a member of PSSap or ADF Super, your membership may allow you to get simple advice from an authorised Financial Planner at no extra cost. Simple advice can cover the following areas:

  • Do you have the right level of insurance cover in your super?
  • Which investment choice in super best suits my risk appetite and life stage?

Simple advice appointments are held over the phone which will allow us to discuss your situations and goals. After the appointment with one of our authorised Financial Planners, we will be in a better position to understand whether simple advice is appropriate for you and if so, prepare more personalised advice on these simple topics at no additional cost.

Please note that CSS, PSS, PSSap (ancillary), DFRDB and MilitarySuper members are a bit more complex, meaning simple no cost advice is not available to these members.


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