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Sickness and injury

Our aim is to help you ensure your and your family’s security, even if you become unable to work because of sickness or injury. You’re in safe hands with us.

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ADF medical transition

Leaving the ADF due to sickness or injury can be a time of considerable change. We’re here to support you through process, to ensure it is as smooth as possible.

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Calculators and tools

Use our different tools and calculators to understand how much cover you need, or how much you may get, if you need to make a claim.

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Support and rehabilitation

Rehab after injury or illness comes in various designs, depending on your medical and personal circumstances.

About rehabilitation

Early access to super

Super is designed to provide income for you when you retire—but in some situations you may need to access your super early.

Early access to super

Your cover with CSC

ADF Cover—when you’re serving

When you join the ADF, if you’re eligible you’ll automatically get Death and Invalidity benefits through ADF Cover at no extra cost to you.

Read more about ADF Cover—when you’re serving

lifePLUS Protect—when you’re out

If the unexpected happens in your civilian life, and you become sick or injured, our flexible lifePLUS Protect insurance cover gives you peace of mind today and secures your tomorrow.

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Make a claim

Make a claim

It’s easier than you might think: When you let us know you’d like to consider claiming, we’ll pair you up with a dedicated case manager who personally oversees the process.

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