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Sometimes there’s just no time to get deep into the detail. We’re here to make it simple. Our factsheets and publications take you through the ins and outs of super so you can understand things at a glance.

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Benefit application

CSF22 CSS Age retirement benefit

CSS benefit options if you elect age retirement

PDF, 244KB

CSF03 CSS Death benefits

Provisions to support dependants of deceased CSS members

PDF, 371KB

EAFS01 Early access to your super benefits

This factsheet refers to early release due to severe financial hardship or specified compassionate grounds.

PDF, 364KB

CSF04 CSS Invalidity benefits

Your options if you are not likely to work again due to an incapacitating condition

PDF, 341KB

CSF05 CSS Postponement of benefits

Delaying payment of your CSS benefits after minimum retirement age

PDF, 368KB

CSF06 CSS Preservation of benefits

Preserving your CSS membership rights after leaving employment

PDF, 360KB

CSF16 CSS Redundancy

Your CSS benefit options if you receive a redundancy package

PDF, 358KB

CSF29 CSS Retiring and claiming your CSS benefit

Retirement planning and claiming your CSS benefit

PDF, 321KB

Contributions and transfers

CSF30 CSS Salary sacrifice

For members who may wish to save extra money by establishing a salary sacrifice arrangement through their employer.

PDF, 326KB

CSF13 CSS Contributing to CSS

Topping up your CSS super and determining your basic contribution rate

PDF, 335KB

CSF07 CSS Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Your CSS contribution options if you take leave without pay

PDF, 321KB

CSF15 CSS Salary reductions and your super

Impact of a salary reduction on your contributions and final benefit

PDF, 357KB

CSF02 CSS Transfers in

Rolling other super into your CSS account - benefits, costs and process

PDF, 319KB


CSF18 CSS Accessing your super information online

How to access your CSS account information using Member Services Online

PDF, 311KB

CSF38 Appeal rights

Process to appeal decisions made in respect of your CSS membership

PDF, 277KB

CSF10 CSS Changing from permanent full–time to permanent part–time

How to change from permanent full-time to permanent part-time employment

PDF, 335KB

FHSSSFS01 First Home Super Saver Scheme and Downsizer Contributions

Information about Australian Government initiatives for the First Home Super Saver Scheme and Downsizer Contributions

PDF, 344KB

PAYG01 PAYG payment summaries

Information about PAYG payment summaries

PDF, 302KB

CSF31 CSS Retrospective invalidity guidelines

Guidelines about the types of circumstances in which an application for invalidity is likely to be approved or rejected.

PDF, 360KB

CSF09 CSS The superannuation contributions surcharge

Your surcharge debt – accrual rates, help and payment options

PDF, 362KB

CSF21 Tax and your CSS pension

Concessional tax treatment of your CSS pension

PDF, 324KB

CSF24 CSS Transition to retirement

Transition to retirement options and your CSS super

PDF, 356KB

Financial services guide

Historical annual reports


Pension Update newsletter

CSC's quarterly newsletter for Pensioners - June 2018

PDF, 677KB

Signficant Event Notices

Earning rate policy

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