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Maximising your super

When it comes to super, you need to be proactive and prepared. We can help you to maximise your super through strategic contributions and smart retirement planning.

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Building for retirement

As a PSS member, it's important to understand the benefits of this scheme, and how you can make the most of your super. What you do with your PSS membership options could mean the difference between living a modest or comfortable retirement lifestyle.

The Indexed Lifetime Pension you may receive can vary significantly depending on your personal contributions. The table below shows the way different rates of personal contributions can impact the Pension as a percentage of Final Average Salary.


Retire at Age 55

Retire at Age 60

Retire at Age 65

Note: The above is a simplified example based on full-time employment with the APS. It only shows how the Pension is impacted by personal contributions. It is based on a number of assumptions and does not consider other factors which would also affect the Pension, including, for example:

  • Involuntary retirement
  • Breaks in contributory service
  • Pre-1996 transfer amounts
  • Family law splitting
  • Leap years

10 yrs contributory service

0% Contribution Rate




5% Contribution Rate




10% Contribution Rate




20 yrs contributory service

0% Contribution Rate




5% Contribution Rate




10% Contribution Rate




30 yrs contributory service

0% Contribution Rate




5% Contribution Rate




10% Contribution Rate




How much is enough?

Have you ever wondered what your retirement will look like? What will you do with all that spare time? Do you have any plans or things you’ve always wanted to do? How much money might you need to fund your lifestyle?

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What else can you do to grow your super for retirement?

So, you have your PSS under control. But there are other ways you can save for retirement—this is where a PSSap Ancillary account can help.

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Find and combine your super

Finding and combining your super accounts can mean less paperwork and reduced fees, which may make a difference to your total super balance when you retire.

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Changes in circumstances

We have lots of practical information relating to major events like redundancy, resignation, invalidity retirement and death

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Financial planning

At CSC, we believe great financial planning is a mix of real listening, decades of experience and making it simple to get the advice you need, how you need it.

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Small change, big gains

Saving a little bit more now can have a big impact to your super. Use this calculator to see how many little extras you could do without, and how much money you could potentially add to your super by reducing your spending.

Start investing today

Raiz Partnership

It's now easier than ever to make additional contributions to your PSSap account. If you use the Raiz app (formerly Acorns - spare-change investment app that helps you save and invest money), you can move your earnings directly from Raiz to PSSap. To set it up, select PSSap/ADF Super in the Super Fund menu under Settings, then provide your PSSap/ADFSuper member number.