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Maximising your super

When it comes to super, you need to be proactive and prepared. Maximise your super through strategic contributions and smart retirement planning.

Add extra money to your super

When it comes to your retirement, little things can make a big difference – from what you save, to what you contribute. Learn about how you can add more to your super.

Add a little extra

Find and combine your super

Finding and combining your super accounts can mean less paperwork and reduced fees, which may make a difference to your total super balance when you retire.

Get your super sorted

Consider your investment options

Take the time to understand your investment options and how your super is invested in them.

Consider your investment options

Boost your super

Earn free contributions to your super when you shop online

Click through to 730+ partner retailers & shop on their website as normal. CSC customers receive a 50% boost* on top of the percentage displayed on the shop store.


BYS for PSSap BYS for ADF Super BYS for other CSC funds

*The boost amount will vary depending on the percentage displayed on the shop store and the amount you spend.

Graphics of Boost Your Super

Small change, big gains

Saving a little bit more now can have a big impact to your super.

Use this calculator to see how many little extras you could do without, and how much money you could potentially add to your super by reducing your spending.