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Join CSCri to enjoy flexibility and control of your money when you retire or transition into retirement.

You can use a CSCri account to keep some or all of your super invested while you’re planning your retirement or when you stop paid work. Your age and work status generally determine whether you’re eligible to apply for a Transition to retirement income stream or a Standard retirement income stream.

Why choose CSCri With CSCri you benefit from

Maximum flexibility

You choose how and when you want to retire

Access when you need

With CSCri your super isn't locked away. You can withdraw ad hoc amounts at any time

Tax Benefit

Investment earnings are tax-free (Standard retirement income streams only)

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Who can join?

CSCri is available to eligible CSS, PSS and PSSap customers who are retiring or want to start transitioning to retirement.

Your two options

Depending on where you are in your retirement journey, there are two product options available:
  1. Transition to retirement income stream

    Receive a regular income stream in the lead up to retirement, so you can reduce the hours you work and maintain or even boost your income. You can continue to have contributions paid into your current super account.
    This is known as a ‘transition to retirement strategy’.


    If you have reached your preservation age but are under 65 years of age and are still working.

  2. Standard retirement income stream

    Flexibility for retirees who want to receive regular, tax-effective income payments and have access to your money to suit your changing needs.


    If you:

    - Permanently retired from the workforce and reached your preservation age
    - Changed employment on or after age 60
    - Reached 65 years of age.
    - Are permanently incapacitated.

    Transfer Balance Cap

    The Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) is a limit applied across all superannuation income streams (i.e. CSCri standard income stream, defined benefit pensions). Any retirement income streams you receive will be valued and recorded against the cap, which is managed by the ATO.

    Your transfer balance cap will be between $1.6–$1.9 million.

    A cap of $1.9 million will apply only if you opened a retirement income stream account (e.g. CSCri) for the first time on or after 1 July 2023. If you started a retirement income stream account before this date, your personal transfer balance cap will vary between $1.6 million and $1.9 million. The cap applies to combined balances you hold in any retirement income stream account. The ATO monitors the amounts. You can view your personal transfer balance cap if you have a MyGov account and you’ve linked your ATO account to it. 

    Find out more about the Transfer Balance Cap

Key features

Minimum investment

CSCri accounts must start with a minimum investment of $20,000.

This money can come from:

  • your existing PSSap (including Ancillary) account; and/or 
  • another superannuation fund; and/or
  • an eligible superannuation fund contribution (such as an after-tax/non-concessional contribution); and/or
  • a lump sum amount from either CSS or PSS when you permanently retire (standard income stream only).

Flexible income and ad hoc options

Income payment frequency

Choose how often you are paid: fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Minimum annual payment

There is a minimum annual amount you must be paid, this is based on ATO requirements.

Maximum annual payment

If you are a standard retirement income stream customer, there is no maximum income that can be paid to you, but if you are a transition to retirement income stream customer, you can only be paid a maximum income of up to 10% of your account balance per year.

Ad hoc withdrawals

Available for standard income stream customers. For transition to retirement income stream customers, ad hoc withdrawals are available only if you meet a ‘condition of release’.

Tax benefits


Age 60 and over

Under age 60

Transition to retirement income stream

  • Tax-free income payments
  • Concessional tax on income payments

Standard retirement income stream

  • Tax-free investment returns
  • Tax-free income payments
  • Tax-free ad hoc withdrawals
  • Tax-free investment returns
  • Concessional tax on income payments
  • Concessional tax on ad hoc withdrawals

Flexible investment choice

Choose one or a mix of up to four investment options: cash, income focused (default), balanced and aggressive.

Restart your CSCri account with additional amounts

You can restart your CSCri account at any stage by adding additional amounts. The minimum amount of additional money required to restart your CSCri account is $10,000 (in addition to your current CSCri balance). As there are minimum drawdown requirements for CSCri, you may need to have received the minimum annual payment into your bank account before you’re able to restart.

How to apply     

  1. Complete the application form and send it to us in the mail or by email

    We'll assess your application for the next steps.

  2. Fund consolidation.

    If your application is accepted and you are commencing your CSCri with multiple sources or a personal contribution only, we will consolidate your funds into your PSSap account (or set up a PSSap Ancillary account for you if you do not already have one).

  3. We'll set up your CSCri account.

    Once all your funds are consolidated into PSSap, or we receive your single source starting amount, and your application has been accepted, we'll set up your account.

  4. Welcome to CSCri.

    You will receive an email or letter welcoming you to CSCri and letting you know your account details.

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Apply for CSCri

Check your eligibility and apply for a CSC retirement income.

Apply for CSCri

Download the Product Disclosure Statement

CSCri Product Disclosure Statement

Issued 25 March 2022, this document provides important information about the features, benefits, risk and cost of investing your super in CSCri.

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