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This information is only applicable to CSS, PSS and PSSap. For more information on Retirement please see our Retirement page.

CSCri is offered through the Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap). 

Eligible PSSap, CSS and PSS members (contributing and non-contributing) can apply to open a CSCri account.

How to apply for a CSCri account

Check your eligibility

To join CSCri you must be a current member of PSSap, PSS or CSS and meet one of the following requirements:

i. For a standard retirement income stream, you must have met a relevant condition of release for your super. The relevant conditions of release are that you either:

  • be permanently retired from the workforce*, having reached your preservation age
  • cease an employment arrangement on or after age 60
  • be aged 65 or older, or
  • be permanently incapacitated.

* To be recognised as permanently retired, you must intend to never be gainfully employed for more than 10 hours a week.

ii. For a transition to retirement income stream, you must have met your preservation age, be under age 65 and still be working.

Complete the CSCri application form

Download and complete the Apply for a CSC retirement income account form.

You will be asked to:

  • provide your personal details including your  AGS number (CSS or PSS) or membership number (PSSap)
  • confirm your eligibility
  • select your investment strategy (default is Income Focused)
  • confirm your payment amount and frequency
  • nominate your reversionary beneficiary (optional)
  • provide your tax file number if under age 60 (optional)
  • provide proof of identity


Use Section C of the form to nominate the benefit amounts you wish to consolidate in your CSCri account. This can include:

  • your CSS or PSS benefit
  • PSSap benefit
  • additional personal contributions
  • any other amounts from other superannuation funds


If you are starting your CSCri account with multiple sources of funds or from personal contributions only, we will consolidate the funds in PSSap and invest it in the Cash Option. If you are not already a member of PSSap, you will be set up with a temporary PSSap Ancillary membership for the purpose of accepting these amounts. Administration fees may apply. See the PSSap Product Disclosure Statement for details.

If you need help to complete the Apply for CSC retirement income form, please call 1300 736 096.

PSS and CSS members

Standard retirement income stream applications

PSS and CSS members applying for a standard retirement income stream with PSS or CSS funds will need to complete an appropriate CSS or PSS benefit application form, and nominate CSCri in the Rollover details section. 

PSS and CSS benefit application forms are available from your relevant super scheme. They need be lodged directly with your scheme.

We recommend you submit your benefit application form at the same time you submit your Apply for CSC retirement income form. Failure to submit a benefit application form will delay the establishment of your CSCri account.


Transition to retirement income stream applications

Under PSS and CSS scheme rules, transition strategies are not available to PSS and CSS members. However, CSS and PSS members can apply for a CSCri transition to retirement income stream by consolidating funds from other super savings (such as a rollover from another fund) into a PSSap Ancillary account. PSSap Ancillary membership also allows you to salary sacrifice into PSSap, without affecting your CSS or PSS membership and benefit in any way.  

See the PSSap website for more information about PSSap Ancillary membership.

Lodge your completed form

Mail your completed Apply for CSC retirement income form to:


Locked Bag 8840

Wollongong NSW 2500

Be sure to include your certified proof of identity documentation and ATO Tax File Number declaration form (if applicable).

Once we receive your completed application form and your starting balance, we will send you a welcome letter.

Your welcome letter will confirm your:

  • CSCri member number
  • regular income payment amount
  • frequency of payment
  • payment order method
  • beneficiaries (if nominated)
  • Centrelink schedule

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