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Withdrawing your benefit

There are a number of ways you can withdraw your super in retirement. How you access your money will depend on your specific circumstances. We can help you find what option is right for you.

Looking to withdraw your super? It’s easy. 

To claim and withdraw your DFRDB benefit, please fill out a retirement benefit application form. Your form will outline your eligibility conditions and provide instructions.

When must I complete my application?

Within three months, either side, of your discharge or retirement date.

What is the normal processing time?

Our standard processing time is 10-15 business days from the later of;

  • the date we receive your completed application; or
  • date of discharge 

Payment information

  • Payment can only be made to a bank account in Australia
  • The nominated account must be in your name (it may be a joint account)
  • Pension paydays are the alternate Thursday to Defence paydays
  • Pension deductions are limited to tax, Medicare and child support
  • Your first pension increase is pro-rata for the number of months you have received your pension. If you retire and take all or part of your employer benefit as a pension or claim your preserved benefit as a pension, please note you will receive one sixth of your next indexation if you retire, or claim your preserved benefit as a pension, on or before 14 February or on or before the 15th day of any other month.

For more information please see the DFRDB Book.

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