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How to register

Get started with your new CSC Navigator account.

Step-by-step instructions

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A one-stop-shop

Log in once to see all your CSC super accounts and insurance products together in a single view.

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Clearer than ever

Access everything about your super via a streamlined service with simplified language, designed with your experience in mind.

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More personalisation options

No need to find your customer number every time you log in. CSC Navigator allows you to use your email address or mobile number as a login credential.

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Your privacy, our priority

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) is required when you first log in to the CSC Navigator. You can then control the level of privacy protection you want maintained.


To keep member data and funds safe, we have security systems in place to proactively monitor threats to try to prevent any member information becoming compromised. Additional identification checks have been established for anyone contacting us regarding their super account/s. This includes asking you to verify information that only we are likely to have on file for you—such as your CSC account number and your current employer. CSC will never ask you for your password. 

Learn more about Your privacy, our priority

Frequently asked questions

Who needs to register for the CSC Navigator?

All members who wish to access their super account/s online will need to register to use it.

Can I still log into the Member Services Online or Pensioner Services Online?

No. The CSC Navigator has replaced what was previously known as Member Services Online (MSO) and Pensioner Services Online (PSO).

Accessing the i-Estimator

As part of our ongoing online improvements, we are looking to trial a new, proactive entitlement estimate service for our DFRDB and CSS members. As a result, the i-Estimator has been discontinued for these funds.

DFRDB and CSS members seeking an entitlement estimate should contact us.

The i-Estimator is currently available for all other funds.

Is there any reason I won’t be able to register online?

If you have never logged in or registered an email address with us before, you will need to get started by contacting us.

What information do I need to enable me to register?

To get started with the CSC Navigator registration process, you will need your CSC membership or pension identifier. The exact title of this differs according to which fund you are in.

Fund CSC member identification
PSS AGS Number
CSS AGS Number
PSSap Member Number
CSCri Member Number
ADF Super PMKeyS Number
MSBS PMKeyS Number


For pensioners

Your CSC membership or pension identifier needs to be followed by the first two letters of your fund. For example, 71234567PS for PSS pensions and N1111DF for DFRDB pensions.

See all fund suffixes in our table.

Fund Suffix
ADF Cover AD
1922 Scheme OS


If you are a reversionary pensioner, you will also have another letter follow the two letters for your fund. For example:

71234567CSA for CSS reversionary pensions.

Where can I find my CSC membership or pension identifier?

All correspondence you receive from us, whether it is in email or postal form, will have your member identification number at the top. Check your most recent Annual Statement or CPI Letter.

I’m in more than one fund at CSC. Which membership or pension identifier should I use?

You can use any of your membership or pension identifiers to start the registration process, and you only need to register once—regardless of how many of our funds you are in. The advantage of the CSC Navigator is that it brings all your funds and products together in one single view. Once registered, you will be able to access them all in the one place, with just the one log in.

I’m still having trouble finding my CSC membership or pension identifier

If you’re unable to find a previous Annual Statement, CPI letter, or other correspondence, contact us.

What does the registration process involve?

I’m unsure of my fund(s)

Do you remember when you first started working for the Australian Government or joined the Australian Defence Force? We have a page to help you understand when our super funds opened and closed, and which one could be yours. See our overview of funds and products.

Is the CSC Navigator undergoing improvements?

In these early stages of the CSC Navigator launch, we are aware our members are experiencing some technical issues, particularly around mobile device functionality and the i-Estimator. We are focused on addressing these issues, and working to continually improve our members’ online experience.

Where can I provide any feedback I have about the CSC Navigator?

If you have any ideas about the CSC Navigator, or would like to provide some general feedback about our digital transformation, fill in a feedback form.


We’re here to support you

There are some things you can’t do online, such as change your name, date of birth or mobile phone number. Contact us to make these changes.


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