Withdrawing your benefit

There are a number of ways you can withdraw your super in retirement. How you access your money will depend on your specific circumstances. We can help you find what option is right for you.

Looking to withdraw your super? It’s easy.

There are a number of ways that super may be withdrawn in retirement, such as:

  • a lump sum ;
  • an income stream, or
  • a mix of lump sum and an income stream.

Eligible PSSap members can take up an account-based income stream through the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation retirement income (CSCri).

When you can withdraw super

You can withdraw your super when you meet a condition of release specified by law. For example, you can generally withdraw your super if you have reached your preservation age and retired. Your preservation age is determined by your date of birth. It is age 60 if you were born on or after 1 July 1964.

Process to withdraw super

Your super benefit in PSSap is valued and declared in units. When you withdraw super from PSSap, you cash in or redeem your units at the applicable daily unit price on the business day your application is processed (which may not be the same day you request to withdraw).

We'll process your withdrawal request and pay your eligible benefit using the unit price(s) applicable to your investment option or mix of options.

See how PSSap works for more on how your benefit is valued including more information about unit prices.

Make an eligible withdrawal by completing the Withdrawing your super form.

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