Celebrating 100 years: Mohit's Story

“You should just do what you do, and go above the line if you can. Don’t do it for recognition or just to hear a thank you—just do it.”

14 Oct 2022

When Mohit Bhambhani started with CSC in May 2021, he signed up on a four-month contract. But a contract extension was soon followed by the offer of a full-time position in the systems accounting space, and he now can’t imagine working anywhere else.

CSC is Mohit’s first job in a large-scale organisation, and while he originally had visions of a large, intricate workplace, what he found when he started was something pleasantly different.

“One thing that stood out, and still does, is how approachable everyone is at CSC. It doesn’t matter if they’re at an executive, departmental, or a junior level—everyone is approachable. It’s an open desk policy and I love it! Yes, there is a chain of command, but the people above you won’t make you feel that way. They appreciate the experience and skill you bring to the table, and you get included in everything.”

Mohit quickly connected with many of his co-workers, who provided him with invaluable friendships and guidance in a role that can be equal parts complex and rewarding. When new starters join, he likes to remember and repeat the wisdom he received from his co-workers, reciting to them like a mantra: Remember that it’s your first day and it can be overwhelming. Just breathe and go with the pace; you will be fine.

For Mohit, these connections are one of his primary motivations for turning up to work every day.

“I think one of my goals when I joined CSC—and this applies to outside of work as well—is that it’s always good to have a network. One of the things that attracted me to the role was that it was a people-oriented role—I like to have the opportunity to chat and connect with others.”

Anybody who’s talked to Mohit would be aware of his overwhelming passion for his work, and strong drive to help others. He does this with a personal philosophy of going above and beyond to reach a greater goal, rather than for recognition, or status. 

“You should just do what you do, and go above the line if you can. You will be recognised along the way for your hard work. Even in your personal life, you should help your friends and family. Don’t do it for recognition or just to hear a thank you—just do it.”

Systems Accountant at CSC since 2021.

Mohit Bhambhani

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