Celebrating 100 years: David’s Story

David Tonge has been with CSC for 16 years.

20 Feb 2022

In his 16 years with CSC, David Tonge, Manager Property Services, has completed two extensive fit-outs, helped the business achieve a NABERS 5.5 star energy rating, investigated bird flu, prepared for bushfires, procured the fleet of hybrid vehicles and navigated COVID compliance. He’s also undertaken many certificate courses along the way!

With experience and time, David has moved up to the Manager role with the support and good mentoring of former managers.

'I’ve been supported in my role the whole way. A former manager once told me, you’ve got my 100% support if you show me that you want to do something.'

David has copied this approach and supported his own staff, some of whom have since moved on to become property managers in other organisations.

With a willingness to learn and evolve, no wonder David doesn’t get bored! Responsible for keeping our beautiful workspace functioning, engaging and collaborative, David is always looking for the best outcome for our business and our customers — avoiding waste and not spending members’ money. The fit-out of the current premises on time and under budget is a standout for David.

The fit out team was able to achieve this over a Christmas period when it’s usually difficult to engage contractors.

'It was important to make sure that the building was usable to support our staff to support our customers.'

In the spirit of unity, the organisation worked hard to move everyone in together and at the same time so that the merged teams could start afresh.

While some aspects of his role may appear reactionary, much time is spent reading legislation, communicating with teams throughout the organisation, and planning responses to situations which may eventuate.

COVID delivered yet another new learning curve. Receiving direction from the Crisis Management Team, David researched what needed to be done to achieve a COVID compliant workspace.

'It was an odd situation to see the building empty of people. We averaged about 8–10 staff on site during lockdown, which included IT support, a cleaner, a security guard and my team.'

Busy after months of preparing the building for people’s eventual return, David is happy to see everyone gradually coming back into the office.

'The way our business kept running with staff moving to work from home arrangements with less than 24 hours’ notice is something the whole organisation can be proud of.'

100 years of service

We are still loyally serving Australians today as we have done for a century.

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100 years of service

We are still loyally serving Australians today as we have done for a century.

Read the article: 100 years of service

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