Alert Due to scheduled maintenance, PSSap and ADF Super customers may not be able to access LifeApp and eClaims services between 7pm 28 January and 8pm 29 January.

Find your scheme and log in

If you can’t find your scheme or log into your account, we’re here to help. 

I'm new to CSC and don't have a scheme yet

Welcome to CSC! We suggest you get started on our funds and products page. It will give you an overview of the funds currently open to new members.

Our funds and products Why CSC

I’m unsure of my scheme

If you're trying to log in, you will need to know your scheme before you can access your secure portal. If you're unsure which scheme to log into, here's some information that might help you.

Find your fund

We've published an overview of our funds and products, from 1922 to today.

Perhaps you remember when you started working for the Australian Government or joined the Defence Force? Use this page to understand when our schemes opened and closed, and which scheme could be yours.

Our funds and products

Do you have a recent statement from us?

Your scheme and member number will be listed on your annual statement.

Check your email

We often include your scheme in emails we send you. Look for a recent email from us and see whether your scheme is listed.

Ask your employer

If you are currently contributing to your CSC account, your employer should be able to tell you which scheme you are contributing to.

I can't log in

There could be a few reasons why login isn't working. Here are some common things you can check.

  1. Are you trying to access the correct portal?

    As our portals have different links to log in, so double check you've selected the right portal for your super, pensioner or CSCri (retirement income) account.

  2. Are you using the correct format for your member identifier?

    Pensioners: You need to include all letters and numbers, including the first two letters of your scheme at the end of your reference number. For example, CSS pensioners enter '123456CS' or MSBS pensioners enter 'A123456MS'.

  3. Have you entered your date of birth correctly?

    CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper (MSBS) and PSS: It should have no spaces or dashes. For example, for 1 January 1950, enter '01011950'.

Still need help?

If you need further help with logging in, please contact us.

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