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The 3rd Act Community was created so that members would be able to access the inspiration, guidance and advice they need to make the most of the 3rd Act of their lives, the exciting beginning of an even more fulfilling life.

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Enter your 3rd Act

Retirement isn’t just the time to wind down. It’s the time to really live the life you’ve always wanted. We’ve built a community with the resources, information and stories to help you do just that.

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What's the 3rd Act?

As we start and progress through our careers, retirement is often the last thing on our minds. We often see it as winding down, especially after the energy of youth and the maturity of adulthood. People talk about it as a time where we look back at our accomplishments, continue to treasure our families and take some well-earned rest.

But there's much more to retirement than meets the eye. After the frenetic pace of youth, the first Act, and the obligations and progression of adulthood, the second Act, it's in the third Act where we're freest.

We're free to try things we've never experienced before, pursue the calling we've always daydreamed about, and use that accumulated wisdom over years to make a big impact on our communities. It's that time where we can bring our full selves forward, and live the life we've always wanted.

The CSC 3rd Act Community

Before enjoying the freedom that the 3rd Act promises, there's still some planning to do. Beyond retirement planning, there's also the immense yet exciting task of deciding exactly what to do in the next part of our lives, a time where we're faced with more options, possibilities and paths than we might have encountered in a long time.

The CSC 3rd Act Community was launched in 2014 to help you figure out the detailed practicalities and wade through the possibilities.

As part of the CSC 3rd Act Community you'll receive access to:

  • Online advice from retirement planning experts 
  • The stories of other members who have made the most of their retirement

Tell us your story

We'd love to hear your retirement story and the reflections, experiences and adventures you've been a part of since entering your 3rd Act. Send your story to 3rdact@csc.gov.au with the subject line 'My Retirement story' and we might publish it on our site or newsletter. Your retirement story might just be the inspiration or guidance a fellow member might need.

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Here are the stories and pieces of advice you need to enter your 3rd act.


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