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Changes to our website

You may notice some subtle changes across our website from month to month, but this month is a bit special. Following extensive member feedback, review of analytics, and rigorous testing with both staff and members, we’ve introduced some changes to improve your website experience.

10 Jul 2024

New ‘Defined benefit members’ section

We manage several funds for members, and their needs in finding information about their super can be quite different. We’ve created a dedicated space for our defined benefit members—CSS, DFRDB, MSBS and PSS funds—with a tailored navigation to support their unique journey.

Better navigation journey

Super can look a little different for defined benefit members based on their life stage, so we’ve updated the navigation in the new section to reflect this.

New and enhanced content

There were some information gaps on our website that our defined benefit members were looking for. We’ve created some new pages, such as benefit estimates, to better support you.

Explore the new section

Removal of the scheme selector

We know that the scheme selector, previously at the top of our website, was a major cause of friction for our users

The creation of the new ‘Defined benefit members’ section allows us to remove the scheme selector and the need to know your fund up front. Now, as you navigate the website, you will only need to select your fund where the information is significantly different, such as with Product Disclosure Statements.

Enhanced navigation experience

You’ll notice the navigation look and feel has changed across the website. The simplified menu gives you better control over where you’d like to go next and improves access to information and resources you are looking for.

Other improvements

We took the opportunity to enhance and simplify a few other things on the website, including:

  • Bigger and better login button to help you access your CSC Navigator account, regardless of where you are on the website.
  • Simplified contact us page, to better connect you with the right support.
  • New contact us button, always available at the bottom right of the page so you can find us at any point you need support.

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Good, bad or ugly, we'd love to hear what you think of the changes.

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We’re always working to make your website experience better and will continue to improve it throughout the year.

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