Early adopter investments pay off for CSC customers

We all know that investing is competitive. So, the best returns come from identifying opportunities well before others do.

14 Dec 2022

CSC's Chief Investment Officer, Alison Tarditi speaks to the Canberra Times about how our investment strategy puts customers ahead of the game with early investment into innovative technologies.

"There's a plethora of innovation occurring. It’s occurring across health, new energy storage and transmission, digital security, robotics, automation, water and waste reduction to name just a few.

"There’s every chance that one or more of these will be genuinely disruptive, enabling the world to leapfrog some of the challenges that today feel insurmountable. Our customers’ capital is working precisely to enable this innovation,” - says Ms Tarditi. 

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Alison Tarditi is the Chief Investment Officer at CSC.

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