Alert Pensioners: We've published CPI calculations for July 2024 & the pension will increase by 1.6% (2.2% for DFRDB/DFRB over 55). See the calculations

Accessing the i-Estimator

As part of our ongoing online improvements, we are looking to trial a new, proactive entitlement estimate service for our DFRDB and CSS members. As a result, the i-Estimator has been discontinued for these funds. The i-Estimator is currently available for all other funds. DFRDB and CSS members seeking an entitlement estimate should:

Man writing on a piece of paper

CSC’s Retirement Calculator – the i-Estimator

Work out what your pension might look like and when you might be able to leave work, depending on your unique circumstances.


CSC's i-Estimator tool is only available to Defined Benefit customers. As an ADF Super customer, you can use the ADF Retirement Modeller instead.

Estimate your net income in retirement

View a snapshot of your estimated income over time

Compare both pension and lump sum amounts


Find out when you can retire, and how much you might get when you do. 


Keep in mind this is only an 'estimation' designed to help you plan your superannuation for the long-term. Members intending to leave employment, or claim their benefit within the next 12 months should contact us to request a written estimate.

Ready to calculate? 

How to access i-Estimator

  1. Log into your CSC Navigator


  2. Click on 'use i-Estimator' from the list

    Once you login, you will see your list of accounts on the home page. The link for the i-Estimator will be found on the right side of your table of accounts.

  3. Need further help? 

    Click 'help' in the top right corner once you've clicked through to the i-Estimator tool. 

Try it out now

Planning for retirement

How i-Estimator can help


Note: The following story and example is fictitious and purely hypothetical to showcase how the i-Estimator works. The values may not be accurate. 

This is John, he’s 58 years old and is a PSS customer with CSC.


“I want to retire as soon as possible, but when is that? I think I’ll need about the same net pension income as my current take home wage.”



Illustration of middle aged man


With the i-Estimator, John can compare his net pension to his net salary, and see at what age he can retire comfortably. 

   Gross Annual    Net Fortnightly  
Current salary: 
 $90,000     $2,230  
Pension estimate - at 59:
 $63,000     $2,249 ✅ 101% of current net salary
The same pension after age 60
(Pension commenced at age 59):
 $63,000     $2,421 ✅ 109% of current net salary
“I can retire in a month at 59! I will actually get more by retiring than I currently make working.”

PSS customers can retire after age 55 and receive a pension. The amount of pension they receive “in hand” increases once they reach preservation age and/or age 60, regardless of when they commence the pension. 


John’s able to see this clearly by using the i-Estimator tool to calculate when he can retire, and how much to expect when he does.


Log in and use i-Estimator


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