Go Digital and Update your Details

Opt-in to receive communications digitally and make sure that your details are up to date

Don't let us lose track of you 

Update your details and Go Digital in just a few minutes 

We all know there’s nothing worse than losing your wallet, so why let the same thing happen to your super? If you’re a part of one of our schemes, it’s important that we always have a way to contact you, especially if you're receiving a pension – your pension may be suspended if we’re unable to reach you. If we don’t have the right details to contact you, you may miss out on important information – like changes to your insurance.

If you’ve changed address, name, phone number, or email, make sure to login to Member Services Online so we can stay in contact with you. We also want to make sure you we’re there for you throughout your whole life. If we’ve been contacting you through an email address that may change or which you may lose access to – like a work or university email – give us your personal email address so that we never lose you.

While you’re at it, help keep on top of your super by Going Digital and receiving our communications to you digitally. Here are 4 reasons why Going Digital makes sense: 

Help the environment


To send the 2019-20 statements out to customers, we printed more than 2 million pages– costing more than 130 trees in the process!  Help us cut down on paper use and emission production by going digital.

Access your statement whenever you want, wherever you want


Going digital means that you never have to worry about being caught without your statement ever again. You can access it at any time and any place, from your accountant’s office to the bathtub.

Clean up the clutter


Clean up some of the mess in your life and stop those statements from piling up by opting to go digital. All your statements can be found in one simple, easy to access place.

Get your statement as soon as we send it out


Don’t wait for the mail to come through, by going digital you can access your statement at the very moment it’s available. You can also go to relevant sections of our website quicker by clicking on hyperlinks!

How to Go Digital and Update your Details

You can change your communication preferences and update your details by calling us or by logging into your Member Services Online.

To do it via Member Services Online, please follow the instructions below: 
  1. Under 'My Details' click 'Personal Details' and then 'Edit' 

    PSSap MSO Update Details

  2. Review and update your email address

    Keep in mind that if we have a work address on file, you may lose access to it when you leave your current employment. We highly recommend giving us a personal email address that you intend to use for line, and which only you will have access to. 

  3. Make sure your mailing and residential addresses are up-to-date
  4. Change your communication preferences to electronic, via email and online

    PSSap MSO Communication Preferences

Please note:  If you share your email address with a partner or friend, and you want to go digital, you will need to update your details to an email address that is personal to you. To protect your privacy, we can’t send statements to shared email accounts.

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