Employer service desk

Our employer service desk can assist with all your employer enquiries. You can reach us on 1300 338 240.

Support when you need it.

Our employer service desk is run by our dedicated service officers. They can assist you with day to day super questions about all CSC schemes. 

We can help you out when you need information on:

  1. Operational enquiries and requirements for all schemes
  2. General invalidity retirement questions
  3. How to calculate salary for superannuation
  4. How to deal with overpaid or short-paid contributions
  5. How to make changes to salaries and contributions previously reported
  6. How to determine scheme eligibility
  7. Processing of SuperStream contributions

We also have a range of online resourcesquick guides, and training notes available to download. Take a look at our resources, and contact us with any enquiries you may have. 

Want more help? If you feel your organisation could benefit from training, see our Training and education options.

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