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ADF member consultations

If you are retiring, resigning, medically separating or would just like to know more about your superannuation, consider a consultation to better understand the options available to you. Consultations are offered at no charge to you.

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Our ADF Member Consultations are available to members of ADFSuper, DFRDB and MilitarySuper. For other schemes, please see our Webinars and Seminars page for free education events near you.

Before you book

Super Learning Hub

We've recorded a series of videos to help you understand your superannuation benefits. You can access the Super Learning Hub at any time, day or night and as often as you like.

Super Learning Hub

Medical transition

If you're booking to talk about medical transition from the ADF, take a look at our ADF Medical Transition resource which will give you a good overview of what to expect.

Find out more

On-base presentations & webinars

We can present on-base, providing overviews on superannuation, and medical separation information. Email us for more information.

Request a presentation

Webinars and seminars

We regularly host live webinars, allowing you to attend and participate online. We also conduct presentations at Defence bases and our Canberra office.

Attend a webinar or seminar

Consultations are in high demand. If there are no bookings available, you can call or email us with any enquiries that you may have – our Customer Information Representatives are on hand to help.

Contact us

To book and attend a consultation, you must read and agree to our terms and conditions.

How to make a booking

Book a superannuation consultation through our consultation calendar following these simple steps:

    • Select the topic of your enquiry

    • Choose a suitable location from the list

    • Pick your time-zone

    • Using the on-screen arrows, scroll through the days/weeks until you find an available timeslot (appointments are shown up to 90 days in advance)

    • Enter your details — if you are a CSC member, you will need to enter your member number

      Your CSC member number includes a capital letter, followed by a 3-9 digit number:

      • The letter is based on your service: A = Army / N = Navy / R = Royal Australian Air Force
      • If your PMKeys is your original service number, this will be a capital letter followed by your PMKeys. For example, A8123456.
      • If your original service number pre-dates your PMKeys, this will be a capital letter followed by your original service number. For example, N12345.
      • If you have multiple periods of service, use your original number to book. For example, R5678, instead of R876543.
      • You can find your member number on your annual statement.
    • Review the details of your appointment and click ‘submit’ to confirm your booking.

You’ll receive a booking confirmation email within a few minutes, followed by a reminder email the week before your consultation, and SMS the day before. We suggest making a note in your calendar of the location, time and date of your booking. We suggest using a personal device to make your booking.

Consultations are in high demand and availability is limited. If there are no bookings available at a location or time that suits you, or your matter is urgent, please contact our dedicated enquiries team who can assist you directly.

Consultation Calendar

Terms and Conditions

General Advice Warning
I understand that CSC can only provide me with general advice. This means that any such advice will not take account of my personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any general advice I should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard for my own objectives, financial situation or needs. I may wish to do so with or without the assistance of a licensed financial adviser. I should obtain a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and/or DFRDB Book, and consider its contents before making any decision regarding my super. 

Required documentation
It is my responsibility to bring at least one of the following documents to my consultation:
  • my most recent Annual Statement, which can be downloaded via the CSC Navigator
  • a detailed benefit estimate, which can be requested by contacting CSC
  • a copy of the applicable CSC benefit application form, if I am transitioning from the ADF.
I understand that there is no guarantee of access to my account information by the CSC Member Educator during the consultation, and will bring copies of any and all documents I wish to discuss. The Member Educator may not be aware of any current action being progressed within CSC, such as a Determination, Appeal or Legal matter, and it is my responsibility to provide the most recent information or correspondence I have received.

Alterations to booking
I understand that CSC may cancel my appointment at any stage due to unforeseen circumstances. I will be contacted by CSC if a change to my booking has occurred. If I am unable to attend or need to cancel my consultation, I will do my best to provide CSC with advance notice. If I miss my scheduled appointment, I will need to make a new booking via the CSC website.

Access to location
It is my responsibility to ensure I have the appropriate security access to the Defence base or establishment where my scheduled CSC Member Consultation is being held. If necessary, I will contact the base or establishment's security team in advance of my appointment to arrange access. I may email CSC for further information if required.

Financial Services Guide
I have viewed the applicable Financial Service Guide (FSG) and Supplementary FSG, available from Forms and documents. There is no FSG for the DFRDB scheme.

Product Disclosure Statement / DFRDB Book
I will view the applicable Product Disclosure Statement and/or DFRDB Book before making any change or election.

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