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ADF medical transition

Protecting your financial future if you're medically transitioning from ADF.

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Defined benefit member guide to ADF Medical Transition and Retrospective Invalidity

The process, your options, and what happens post-transition.

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If your treating doctors believe that your medical condition shows that you should be retired on medical grounds, you should make arrangements with your personnel section to be examined by an Approved Medical Practitioner (AMP) from one of our approved medico–legal service providers.

Your personnel section will make an appointment for you, and they will also give you a form to take to the assessment.

The results of the assessment will be sent direct to your personnel section. If, as a result of the assessment, the AMP thinks that you are, or may become, totally and permanently incapacitated, your personnel section will send us all the required documents to help us decide whether you should be retired on medical grounds. Any other supporting evidence you have, such as a report from a specialist or a general practitioner, must also be forwarded.

For more information, please refer to the documents below.

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Invalidity benefits

Look into your options if you are not likely to work again due to an incapacitating condition.

Death and invalidity benefits

This document outlines information on your CSS death and invalidity benefits. It forms part of the CSS Product Disclosure statement.


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