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We've got you covered with lifePLUS Protect

If the unexpected happens in your civilian life, and you become sick or injured, our flexible lifePLUS Protect insurance cover gives you peace of mind today and secures your tomorrow.

If you’ve left the ADF, you may be eligible for automatic cover, the day after you leave.

With lifePLUS Protect auto, you get Death an TPD insurance cover without filling in forms or taking medical tests. And if you’re not eligible, or you want to change or add to your auto cover—for example, by applying for Income Protection cover—you can do this through lifePLUS Protect choice.

lifePLUS Protect auto or choice—which one’s for you?

lifePLUS Protect auto

If you meet eligibility conditions the day after you leave the ADF, you’ll automatically be covered by lifePLUS Protect auto through ADF Super.

Cover, automatically

lifePLUS Protect choice

Everyone’s different—from the work they do to the risks they can tolerate. This is where lifePLUS Protect choice comes in—simply customise your cover to fit.

Flex it to suit


Calculate how much cover you need

Use LIFEapp to calculate your cover.



View or change your cover online

Log into your CSC Navigator account.


Find out more

lifePLUS Protect fees and premiums

When you have lifePLUS Protect auto or choice insurance, monthly deductions come out of your ADF Super account to cover the cost of insurance fees and premiums.

Fees and premiums

Sickness and injury

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and we’re here for you if it does. At CSC, our aim is to help you ensure your and your family’s security, even if you become unable to work because of sickness or injury. You’re in safe hands with us.

Sickness and injury

Make a claim

It’s easier than you might think: When you let us know you’d like to consider claiming, we’ll pair you up with a dedicated case manager who personally oversees the process.

Make a claim


Apply for lifePLUS Protect or make a change

Use the lifePLUS Protect Application and variation form to request to change your insurance details.

Cancellation of cover form

Use this form to cancel or opt out of Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Income Protection Insurance.