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Sometimes there’s just no time to get deep into the detail. We’re here to make it simple. Our factsheets and publications take you through the ins and outs of super so you can understand things at a glance.

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FHSSSFS01 First Home Super Saver Scheme and Downsizer Contributions

Information about Australian Government initiatives for the First Home Super Saver Scheme and Downsizer Contributions

PDF, 344KB

PSSap8 Withdrawing your super from PSSap

Claiming your PSSap benefit – benefit calculations, lodging your request, restrictions on super withdrawals, tax treatment and rolling over to other funds

PDF, 344KB

Other Factsheets

EAFS01 Early access to your super benefits

This factsheet refers to early release due to severe financial hardship or specified compassionate grounds.

PDF, 364KB

Insurance in Superannuation Key Facts Sheet

Our Key Facts Sheet has been developed to help you easily compare PSSap’s automatic insurance cover, LifePLUS, with other funds.

PDF, 526KB

PAYG01 PAYG payment summaries

Information about PAYG payment summaries

PDF, 302KB

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