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Factsheets and publications

Sometimes there’s just no time to get deep into the detail. We’re here to make it simple. Our factsheets and publications take you through the ins and outs of super so you can understand things at a glance.

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Benefit application

DB07 DFRDB About to leave the ADF

How to apply for your superannuation benefit when you leave the ADF

PDF, 355KB

DB01 DFRDB Dependants’ benefits

DFRDB benefits paid to eligible dependants

PDF, 385KB

DB02 Invalidity benefit

Your super options if you are discharged on medical grounds

PDF, 368KB

D280 DFRDB Marital or couple relationship

Definition of a marital and couple relationship for superannuation purposes

PDF, 325KB

DF16 DFRDB Productivity

Your productivity benefit (comprising notional employer contributions and interest)

PDF, 315KB

DF17 DFRDB Restoration of reversionary pensions

Restoration under the relevant Act of certain widow and widower pensions

PDF, 328KB

DB04 DFRDB Retirement Benefits

Your DFRDB benefit options when you choose to retire

PDF, 387KB

DF07 DFRDB Retrenchment/Redundancy

Your DFRDB benefit options in case of retrenchment or redundancy

PDF, 305KB

Contributions and transfers

DF12 DFRDB Additional personal contributions

After tax voluntary contributions in addition to your regular fortnightly contributions

PDF, 309KB

DF13 DFRDB Salary Sacrifice Contributions

Pre-tax voluntary contributions in addition to your regular fortnightly contributions

PDF, 312KB

DF14 DFRDB Spouse contributions

Voluntary contributions you can make to DFRDB on behalf of your spouse

PDF, 338KB

DF15 DFRDB Transfer amounts

Transferring (or rolling in) other superannuation into your DFRDB account

PDF, 311KB

DF19 The Transfer Balance Cap

This factsheet provides an overview of how the transfer Balance Cap (TBC) applies to DFRDB pensions

PDF, 339KB

DF20 DFRDB Changes to Concessional Contributions

This factsheet provides an overview of how the 2016-17 Federal Budget changes to concessional contributions impact members of the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) scheme

PDF, 318KB


DF18 DFRDB Appeal rights

Your appeals rights (invalidity classification and dependant eligibility) and freedom of information requests

PDF, 301KB

DF09C DFRDB Resuming ADF full–time service

Resuming ADF full-time service information

PDF, 299KB

DB06 DFRDB Superannuation contributions surcharge

Your surcharge debt – accrual rates, help and payment options

PDF, 326KB

DB05 DFRDB Taxation of lump sum benefits

Tax and your DFRDB contributions and withdrawals

PDF, 369KB

DF05 DFRDB Taxation offsets for pensions

Concessional tax treatment of your DFRDB pension

PDF, 308KB

Annual reports to members

Historical annual reports

About your statement guide


Pension Update

CSC's quarterly newsletter for Pensioners - June 2018

PDF, 659KB

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