How Super Works

Superannuation is simply a tax-effective investment structure to help you save for a secure retirement. At CSC, we work to invest your funds in a way that works for you and helps secure the future you want for you and your family.

What’s Super?

Superannuation, or Super, is an ongoing way to save for a secure retirement, and the lifestyle you want for you and your family. It’s important that your Super keeps growing. That’s why employers are required by law to contribute a percentage of your income to your Super. This money is then pooled and invested in ways that suit your attitude towards growth and risk.

Adding to your Super

Our members take their future seriously. We do too. Beyond your employer contributions, CSS members have options to put more money into their Super by increasing their contribution rate and growing their end benefits.

CSS members can also open a PSSap Ancillary account to salary sacrifice, make additional personal (after tax) contributions and pay in rollovers from other funds. PSSap Ancillary members can also apply for LifePlus insurance cover.

See the contributions page for more information

Using your Super

Generally, you can only withdraw your Super when you reach your preservation age and retire, which can differ depending on when you were born. However, in some situations you may be able to access your CSS benefit earlier.

See the Withdrawing your benefit page for more information.

What about risk?

We know everyone views and tolerates risk differently, so in CSS there are two investment options you can choose from for the investment of your accumulation benefit.

For more information or if you want to change your investment option, see the Investment Options page, or the CSS Product Disclosure Statement.

Super and Tax

Generally, Super can be taxed when making contributions, on investment earnings and when accessing your Super.

For more information, see the CSS Product Disclosure Statement.

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