Onboarding Letter

Now it's time to think super.

Your new employer will soon start making contributions into a superannuation account to help you save for your future. Choosing the right fund to look after your savings is an important decision.

New to CSC

Why we’re right for you

We’re the super fund for current and former Australian government employees.
With such a niche membership, we’re committed to getting to know our customers and what they want from their super.

  1. We take great care to look after your money responsibly and sustainably. Our focus is on growing your super over the long-term. We aim to achieve this by making quality investments, and preserving your savings against market uncertainty. 

  2. Our customers benefit from unique investment advantages. As an early adopter, we actively search for emerging investment areas to deliver attractive returns net of fees. In other words, we hunt for investment opportunities where others aren’t—yet!

  3. As a profit-for-members fund, we only charge the fees needed to operate the fund.

Ready to take your next step?

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Coming back to CSC

We'd love to welcome you back.

Circumstances for rejoining differ depending on your previous scheme and length of service. If you’re already a customer with funds in one of our schemes, see Starting or Changing Jobs

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