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CSCri forms, factsheets and publications

Download the documents you need to manager your CSC retirement income.


RI01 Apply for CSC retirement income for CSS, PSS and PSSap members (including Ancillary)

Use this form to apply for the CSC retirement income (CSCri) account based pension.

BNF2 Beneficiary nomination

Nominate a beneficiary as a CSCri member.

TFN Tax file number declaration

Provide CSCri with your tax file number.

RI03 Make a lump sum withdrawal or rollover for a standard retirement income stream

Use this form if you have a retirement income stream and wish to make a cash lump sum withdrawal from your account, or would like to roll over an amount to another complying superannuation fund.

RI07 CSCri consolidation and restart form

Use this form to restart your CSCri with additional monies and/or transfer amounts.

RI02 Change your account details

Use this form to change or correct your CSCri account details.

TCP Transfer from CSCri to PSSap

Rollover a partial or full amount from your CSCri to PSSap.

Family Law Super Splitting Forms

72NMS Family law notice from a non-member spouse - PSSap

A non-member spouse must complete this form when subject to a splitting order or a splitting agreement in relation to a super interest in PSSap and/or CSCri.

90XT1a Family Law Act 1975 Standard court order – base amount splitting

Re-allocate (in dollar terms) holdings in accordance with super split order.

90XT1b Family Law Act 1975 Standard court order – percentage splitting

Re-allocate (percentage split) holdings in accordance with super split order.

FORM6 Application for superannuation information - PSSap

Use this form to request information from CSC about a member’s superannuation account.

Product Disclosure Statement

CSCri Product Disclosure Statement

Issued 6 December 2019, this document provides important information about the features, benefits, risk and cost of investing your super in CSCri.

Legislative Outcomes Assessment

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