Retirement Ready Online Program

The Retirement Ready Online Program includes six Modules that cover the important topics for retirement – an all-in-one resource that you can go back to again and again.

Work through the Modules at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose. Each Module takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, with links and downloads if you want to learn more.

Self-assessment questions help you think through your own situation and suggest the next steps for you in your retirement planning journey.


Retirement Ready Workbook

The Retirement Ready Workbook is a companion to the Retirement Ready Online Program.

What our customers are enjoying about the program

“A resource to refer back to”

helen, 52

Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

“The Program highlighted what I most need to start reflecting, planning & doing before I retire - it showed the gaps (I’ve been focused on the financials)”

Ian, 56

Public Sector Superannuation Scheme

“Plenty of prompts that I could apply in my life”

margaret, 58

Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

“Real facts, and home truths to retirement”

peter, 60

Defence Force Retirement & Death Benefits Scheme

“Engaging and easy to follow”

karen, 57

“The self-paced nature. You choose how much time and detail to get from each subject.”

robert, 62

Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
Plan your retirement

Plan your retirement

Forward planning can have a big impact on your financial situation in retirement.

Read more about CSC can help you plan for your retirement