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The Retirement Ready Online Program includes six Modules that cover the important topics for retirement - an all in one resource that you can go back to again and again.

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Work through the Modules at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose. Each Module takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, with links and downloads if you want to learn more.
Self-assessment questions help you think through your own situation, and suggest the next steps for you in your retirement planning journey.

Module 1 - Work

Topics include:

  • When to retire - Typical ages and reasons people retire, and how to think through the issues to reach your own decision.
  • Working in retirement - Including the Work Bonus, opportunities for training for a new job in retirement, and the benefits of volunteering.
  • Your rights at work - Understanding the issues and legal protections for mature employees.

This Module includes links to information from the Human Rights Commission, training programs for mature employees, job websites for mature employees and volunteering websites.

85% of people believe that retirement planning is about more than just money*

Module 2 - Money

Topics include:

  • How much money you need to retire, including the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) Standards for a Modest and Comfortable
  • Lifestyle, and what to consider when thinking about your individual income needs.
  • The Age Pension - Rates, thresholds, entitlements, and how and when to apply.
  • Superannuation - Including when you can access your super, and an overview of the key options for your super (including the advantages and disadvantages to think about).
  • Options for financial advice (and when and why to consider it).
  • Your financial plan - Bringing it all together to form a budget based on realistic expenses and financial needs.

This Module includes links to ASIC Moneysmart tools, calculators and free resources, Centrelink information, the ATO and Department of Human Services.

Module 3 - Healthy ageing

Topics include:

  • Healthy ageing and the advantages.
  • How your body changes as you get older and positive steps you can take to age well.
  • Recommended health checks for men and women.
  • Common health conditions.
  • Myths and facts about ageing.
  • Health benefits, entitlements and free health programs.

This Module includes links to practical fact sheets and websites about common health conditions, free exercise and health programs and government benefits.

Module 4 - Where to live

Topics include:

  • Options for retirement living - Including the advantages, disadvantages and likely costs.
  • Making your decision - Tips and important issues to consider, including getting the timing right.
  • The benefits of planning ahead for your future care needs.

This Module includes links to information from ASIC Moneysmart, the Council on the Ageing (COTA), websites for finding retirement accommodation, and fees and charges.

70% of people want to learn more about the non-financial aspects of retirement*

Module 5 - A fulfilling retirement

Topics include:

  • Taking stock - What you leave behind when you stop working (other than your income).
  • Transitioning well - The value of routine, and how to create your new life.
  • Meaning, purpose & relationships - What to expect after retirement, how your relationships change, and how you can stay engaged in life.
  • Identity - How your identity changes once you retire, and the value of goals and attitude in enjoying retirement.

This Module includes links to articles and research on enjoying retirement.

Module 6 - Getting organised

Topics include:

  • How to cut through the clutter and access what you need when you need it - from the day to day contact details to important documents, including a free MyFile template to take the headache out of your paperwork.
  • Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship - What they are, and how and why to create them.
  • Wills - How and why to create one, and when to update your Will. What an executor does and how to choose.

This Module includes links to helpful information from the Public Trustee and Guardian, Law Society, and relevant tools and resources.

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What our customers are enjoying about the program

“A resource to refer back to”

helen, 52

“The Program highlighted what I most need to start reflecting, planning & doing before I retire - it showed the gaps (I’ve been focused on the financials)”

Ian, 56

“Plenty of prompts that I could apply in my life”

margaret, 58

“Real facts, and home truths to retirement”

peter, 60

“Engaging and easy to follow”

karen, 57

“The self-paced nature. You choose how much time and detail to get from each subject.”

robert, 62

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