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Just like your super, it’s important your insurance works specifically for you

07 Apr 2022

Insurance can give you peace of mind as it provides financial support to protect what’s important to you if the unexpected happens. As part of this, insurance in superannuation – or default insurance – delivers clear value to Australians and is one of the most efficient life insurance ecosystems globally – returning 84 cents in every dollar collected in premiums paid back through claims to members.1

Yet just like your super, it’s important your insurance works specifically for you. By actively reviewing your insurance options you can ensure the type of cover and benefits provided suits your life stage, your lifestyle, and your personal circumstances.

As a niche fund, and as is the case with all our services, CSC’s insurance offerings are tailored to the specific needs of our customers, but do require regular and considered management and review to ensure they flex with your life stage and personal circumstances.

Types of insurance

Most super funds will automatically provide their members with two types of insurance:

  • Death Cover: pays on death to your beneficiary, dependants, estate or legal representative; and
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance: designed to cover you if you’re permanently injured and cannot return to work.

Some super funds – including CSC – also provide Income Protection (IP) cover, which is designed to cover you when you’re injured or sick for a period of time by supplementing your income.

Importantly, CSC’s IP cover includes rehabilitation services designed to help you return to wellness and work. This voluntary service will be tailored to your individual circumstances and can involve support with things such as graded return to work programs, personalised exercise programs, work-related counselling and reskilling.

CSC customers who contribute to PSS and are under age 60 are also eligible to apply for Additional Death and Invalidity Cover (ADIC). ADIC provides additional cover on death or total and permanent disablement, where you cannot achieve the maximum coverage that would be available through PSS. 

To determine how much death, TPD and IP cover you may need, check out our LIFEapp insurance calculator.

How we support you

We understand that many of our customers live extraordinary lives and work in high-risk settings, which requires specific insurance coverage. CSC offers a range of insurance options for our members, including:

  • lifePLUS auto: our default cover which provides IP, Death and TPD Cover for eligible customers who join our PSSap. lifePLUS auto IP gives eligible customers more cover when they’re more likely to need it, and less when they’re less likely to need it, based on three age groups: 14y 9m – 34 / 35 – 54 / 55+.
  • lifePLUS choice: an option for eligible PSSap customers that allows you to customise your cover further by 1) changing the period over which IP benefits are paid; 2) changing the waiting period; and 3) fixing your Death and TPD cover so that it stays the same every year until you’re 60, before it then reduces at each birthday, reaching zero by age 70.
  • lifePLUS Protect auto: our default cover which provides Death and TPD cover for eligible customers who leave ADF service and continue contributing to ADF Super.
  • lifePLUS Protect choice: an option for eligible ADF Super customers that allows you to customise your Death and TPD cover or apply for Income Protection cover.
  • Australian Defence Force Cover (ADF Cover): provides benefits for medical discharge or death of an eligible member of the ADF who is under 60 and either an ADF Super customer, or would have been had they not chosen another superannuation fund

We endeavour to ensure our insurance options continue to evolve so they’re providing the protection and support that our customers want and expect, while also keeping pace with the changing regulatory environment.

A hallmark of our digital transformation program is to deliver a more personalised super experience for our members. Our customer engagement platforms ensure a more holistic understanding of our customers, so the services we provide – including our insurance options – can be tailored accordingly.  

It’s all part of CSC’s evolution into a truly customer-centric organisation and our unwavering commitment to serving those who have served.

You’re in safe hands

Our goal is to help guide our customers to where they want to be, which involves regularly assessing your outcomes to ensure your investment and insurance options are tailored to your life stage and individual circumstances. This includes both during your work-life journey and into retirement, as life insurance provides protection throughout life.

We’re constantly working to better understand our customers’ preferences and empower them to take control of their financial future. This involves offering insurance cover that flexes with our customers’ changing circumstances so it remains fit-for-purpose throughout their work-life journey and into retirement. 

CSC’s financial planners are dedicated to getting to know you and what you want out of life, and helping you lay out a path to get there, step by step. We believe our customers deserve the guidance they need to secure a safe and comfortable retirement, and the peace of mind that insurance provides.

For more information about your insurance cover and to determine what options are best for you visit Insurance & Cover or contact our Financial Planning Services on 1300 277 777.

1 APRA Life insurance claims and disputes statistics issued 27 June 2019.

Janice Watson
Janice Watson is the Product Owner of CSC's Insurance and Growth Products.

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