A guide to nominating a beneficiary for your super

Wanting peace of mind? Nominating a beneficiary can help

10 Feb 2021

You spend your life deciding how to make, save and spend money. But have you thought about what will happen to your super after you pass away?
It’s not a nice topic to think about but nominating beneficiaries is an important decision only you can make.
It can be a complex issue too, so it’s important to know what the rules are and how you can make a nomination.

Can I nominate a beneficiary?

You can nominate a beneficiary if you’re in PSSap (including ancillary) or ADF Super.

If you’re in CSS, DFRDB, MilitarySuper or PSS, you can’t nominate a beneficiary – scheme rules mean your benefit will go to your eligible spouse or children. If you have no eligible beneficiaries, your benefit will be paid to your estate.

Who can I nominate as a beneficiary?

You can nominate one or more dependents as a beneficiary – this might be a family member, partner, child or other loved one. You can also choose to nominate a legal representative, like the executor of your will.

What are the different beneficiary nominations?

First, you need to decide whether you’d like to nominate a binding or non-binding beneficiary.

If you choose a binding nomination, you’ll have greater certainty over who receives your super when you die because we’re bound to pay according to your nomination. A binding nomination replaces any previous binding or non-binding nominations, and you’ll need to renew it every three years.

A non-binding nomination is an option for PSSap and ADF Super customers. It’s more of a guide for us to know where you’d prefer your money to go. This nomination doesn’t need to be renewed and won’t expire.

How do I nominate?

Once you’ve decided what type of nomination you’d like to make, submit your preference to us.

For a binding nomination, you need to complete this form and send it to us.

For a non-binding nomination, you can submit your nomination through your online services account.

Updates to beneficiaries

We’re committed to making it easier for you to manage your super. That’s why we’ve implemented two new changes to beneficiary nominations for our PSSap and ADF Super customers:

  • You can now accept non-binding beneficiary nominations online and by paper form, giving you more choice in who you’d like to nominate.
  • You can now also renew your binding beneficiary nomination with the click of a button through your online services account by agreeing to a disclaimer and entering an SMS code. 


Do I need to get advice?

Nominating beneficiaries is an important decision; there are some things to consider. So you may want to consult a licensed professional, such as a solicitor, to help you if you’re unsure about anything.

If you’d like more information, call us. In the meantime, log into your online services account to check that your beneficiary details are up to date.

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