Early investment in innovative infrastructure of the future

CSC invested US$50 million to refinance a satellite, with next-generation broadband satellite operator, Kacific.

23 Jul 2020

This satellite, ‘Kacific1’ delivers high-speed and affordable broadband to 140 million people within remote communities of the Asia Pacific, including the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This investment is another example of CSC’s differentiating capacity to be an early mover into new and innovative investment opportunities that address gaps in the market—in this case, technology adoption. It was also an opportunity to robustly support sustainable growth in remote and smaller communities across our region, while aiming to provide financial returns to our members.

Kacific is a Singapore-based start-up satellite operator. It provides wholesale broadband to communities in the Asia Pacific without fibre or 4G network access. Kacific’s first satellite launched in November 2019.

Our investment in Kacific1 is expected to generate strong financial returns, as well as positive social outcomes for the region. Our involvement represents a lower-risk infrastructure investment, and is expected to benefit from strong contractual commitments from customers, and a strong competitive position in a largely un-tapped market.

The progressive and innovative financing of this important service has been recognised with the IJGlobal Asia Pacific Telecoms deal of the year, awarded to CSC and the other international financiers of this project.

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