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Protecting your income

We understand that your dedication at work covers the costs of daily life. With lifePLUS Income Protection, we cover you when you’re injured or sick, so you don’t have to worry.

lifePLUS gives you protection when the unexpected happens. Getting injured or seriously ill is the last thing anyone wants to happen, especially when there are bills and daily expenses to pay. We recognise the hard work you put in every day. That's why we want to give you one less thing to worry about.

With lifePLUS you have two options, depending on how involved you want to be in tailoring your insurance product for you.

lifePLUS auto cover (default)

PSSap members are generally covered from day one with lifePLUS auto. As a new PSSap member you're generally placed in this option automatically, so you can worry about one less thing and get on with the things that matter to you.

If you're eligible, lifePLUS auto cover includes:

  • Income protection for up to 5 years, or if you're not a permanent employee, the earlier of 5 years or when your contract ends
  • Maximum cover of $15,000 per month (without underwriting)

lifePLUS choice cover (flexible)

Everyone's different, from the work we do to the situations we find ourselves in. We understand this, so our lifePLUS choice cover lets you tailor your insurance to your needs.

You can, depending on your eligibility:

  • Reduce or increase your waiting period from the usual 60 days
  • Reduce or increase your benefit period, from 5 years to 2 or vice-versa.
  • Apply for more income protection cover
  • Transfer your cover that you hold from other superannuation funds or insurers.

Use the LIFEapp toolto find out how best to tailor your lifePLUS cover.

If you're a lifePLUS choice member you're also responsible for making sure your annual salary is updated. Notify us of any changes using the lifePLUS Application and variation form.

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Calculating your income protection benefit

How long am I able to receive income protection benefits?

Depending on your cover, you either have a two or five year benefit for income protection.

5 years

If you have a five year benefit period you’ll be paid benefits either for five years or when your contract ends, if you’re not a permanent employee, whichever happens first.

Here’s the detail:

  • For the first two years, or when your contract ends, if you’re engaged under a contract for less than two years, you get monthly payments of 90.4% of your Base Annual Salary and pre-disability income. 75% goes to you directly and 15.4% will be paid to your super account
  • For the next 3 years, or when your contract ends, if you’re engaged under a contract for less than 5 years in total - whichever finishes first, you’ll get 65.4% of your Base Annual Salary, 50% direct to you and 15.4% going into your PSSap account
  • After a year of being paid benefits your payments will get indexed each year by either CPI or 5%, whichever is lesser.

2 years

If you have a two year income protection benefit, you’ll simply get a monthly income stream of up to 90.4% of your reported Base Annual Salary with 75% going straight to you and 15.4% into your super account.


We might have to reduce your income protection benefits in cases where you’re still receiving income from other sources. This might be in cases where you’re receiving:

  • workers’ compensation, transport accident compensation or similar payments in relation to your sickness or injury
  • income from your employer while receiving benefit payments
  • income protection benefits from other insurers
  • sick leave entitlements from other sources

Partial benefit

You might be able to receive a partial disability benefit if you were totally disabled for 10 out of 14 consecutive days within your waiting period or meet the definition of Partial Disability after the waiting period.

Calculating your salary

We calculate your income protection benefits based on either your Base Annual Salary at the time of your total disability or the salary you advised us of, whichever is less. If your employer doesn’t tell us your salary when you join PSSap, we’ll use a Base Annual Salary of $47,000 in the meantime.

Remember to keep us updated about your salary. For lifePLUS auto cover members, this is the responsibility of your employer. Casual members are responsible for informing and updating their salaries when they join lifePLUS auto.

For lifePLUS choice members, you have to tell us yourselves. Your recorded salary has an impact on your premiums and benefits. It’s important that it’s up to date so that you can get the cover you need.

When your cover ceases

Your Income Protection cover will cease on whichever of the following events happens first:

  • If you tell us in writing that you want to cancel your cover or if we terminate the policy with the insurer
  • When you turn 67
  • If you permanently retire from the workforce
  • When you cease to be a member of PSSap
  • 60 days after non-payment of your premiums when they are due
  • If you permanently leave as a non-resident of Australia or become ineligible to work in Australia
  • If you cease employment with an eligible employer and don’t meet the conditions to keep your cover – i.e. if you cease employment because of sickness, or injury or are receiving, eligible to receive, or lodging a claim for income protection or terminal illness
  • If you die
  • We do not receive an amount in relation to your account for a continuous period of 16 months and you have not written to us to let us know you would like to retain your cover despite your account being inactive

Leaving the APS

If you leave the Australian Public Service to work for another employer, you can keep your cover and we’ll continue to support you throughout the next part of your life – we’ll just convert your lifePLUS auto cover to lifePLUS choice cover. But remember to inform us of any changes in your salary as this will affect your premiums and benefits.

The exception to this cover is if you stop working permanently because you’re sick, injured or you’re in the process of lodging a claim for sickness, disability or income protection benefits.

Cancelling your LifePLUS cover

You can choose to opt out of any lifePLUS cover you might hold. Just remember that if you do decide you want to be covered again you’ll have to reapply and undergo underwriting.

Please refer to the Definitions section of Insurance and your PSSap Super for more detail.

If you want to cancel your lifePLUS cover call us on 1300 725 171. We’re here to help.

Exceptions and restrictions

There are some cases where you might not automatically be provided lifePLUS cover:

  • If you’re a casual member, or a non-permanent employee, you might need to opt-in to the cover within 60 days of getting your welcome letter
  • If you’re an Ancillary member you can apply for lifePLUS choice cover, but you’re not eligible for lifePLUS auto cover
  • You won’t be able to get cover if you’re 67 and over.


New members can reduce or opt out of lifePLUS auto within 60 days without incurring any premiums.

Helping you get better

We focus as much on rehabilitation as we do cover

Work means more than just labour. For many people it gives purpose, fulfilment and community. At CSC, we’re doing all we can so that if you are injured, you can start doing what matters to you again.

Learn more

See all the detail for our insurance products including information on conditions, exclusions, eligibility criteria,premiums, claims and nominations.

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