What's new at CSC?

A lot is happening at CSC, here are a few highlights of what's going on for July 2019.

23 Jul 2019

  • Digital registration forms for Employer Services Online (ESO) access
    We’ve recently digitised our user access request for CSS and PSS Employer Services Online (ESO), and the PSSap online portal. This means that you can request access for your employees electronically – there’s no need to email a form to us. It also means that those of you with shared services arrangements can request access for multiple employers at once.
    The form will still require sign-off from your authorised approving officer, but we hope that this change will make things easier for you.
    We know that this can be a busy period so we have left the old form on the website. We will be removing it from the website in the coming months; however, you can continue using these for the time being if it’s easier for you. 
  • Form finder bot for early release of super or invalidity benefits
    We've recently implemented a tool for our customers to assist them in locating the correct forms for invalidity benefits and early release of super applications. The tool asks the user a series of questions before directing them to the correct form based on their needs. The tool is live and you can find it on the forms page of our member website. This is a small step towards making things easier for our customers.
  • Partial invalidity pension (PIP) delegate’s instruments
    The delegate’s instruments for informal PSS PIP applications are now a separate form. This means you no longer need to put them on your agency’s letterhead. If you are applying for an informal PIP for one of your employees, complete the appropriate delegate’s instrument and submit it with your application. We hope this change makes providing us with the right information easier. 
    The invalidity retirement and PIP notes on our website are also going through a change. More on this to come soon.