Our PIP and PAP reimbursement backlog is now gone!

We’re excited to yell out from the rooftops that our backlog of partial invalidity pension (PIP) and pre-assessment payment (PAP) reimbursements is now gone.

11 Feb 2020

We’ve worked hard over the last few months to get on top of our backlog of reimbursements. But before we jump into how we did that, we wanted to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time. The support you’ve shown us was really appreciated.

We were able to tackle the backlog by changing our processes to be more efficient, meaning a quicker turnaround for your invoices. We can speed this up even more with your help – if you submit an invoice and calculation with the correct customer details, period and amount, there’s less investigating we need to do to approve payment of the invoice.

And remember, if there are times where no PIP or PAP was paid, you need to let us know why on the calculation. Not telling us why there are gaps in the calculation is a huge cause for delays in processing.

Are reimbursements impacted by the Machinery of Government changes?

Yes, reimbursements are impacted because individuals receiving a PIP or PAP may move to or from your department.

  • If someone is moving out of your department, make sure you’ve reimbursed until their last day with your agency. This will help us track who currently has the responsibility of paying their PIP or PAP and what periods are outstanding.
  • If someone is moving to your department, don’t wait for the previous department to send their reimbursements in – that isn’t something in your control. We’re happy to receive invoices from the time that individual started in your department even if there are missing periods from the previous department.

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